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High Participation! In Advent Music...

Music is one of my favorite parts of the Advent season. I love the contemplative feeling of waiting for the Light of the World and experiencing that anticipation through song. I love the hymns in minor key, and finally--as Christmas Eve arrives--the CAROLS! But what I love most about Advent music at Incarnation Anglican Church is that we aim for high participation. Don't let this frighten you if you're an introvert: I promise not to make you participate against your will. But since the start of this church, Liz and our staff have been enthusiastic about inviting those who are willing to jump in with their talents and joy. Nothing has to be perfect, and in fact, we love the music environment here at Incarnation because for all its joy, it has rough edges. And isn't that like life? Each day is imperfect and jagged in its beauty. So, in light of high participation, I invite you to a few ways that you can step into the musical waiting of the Advent season with us this year:

1) We dabbled in Psalm-chanting this past summer, and we will again be chanting the Psalm in Sunday services for Advent (Sundays from December 1st through Dec 22). Are you interested in leading the congregation in chanted Psalm? If so, we provide a very easy and approachable chant, so let me know by November 16th if you'd like to be a lay leader for one week in Advent.

2) We'll be having our monthly music jam at 10 am on Sunday, December 15th, in the chapel at our new location, where any and all levels of instrumentalists and vocalists are welcome to come for about two hours and sing from our Book of Common Songs as well as introduce new tunes to the group. It's casual, it's experimental, it's got donuts and coffee!

3) Grant and Nancy Sung will be gathering anyone interested in choral music for a practice of at least one tune that will make an appearance in a Sunday Advent service. If you have the desire to sing in a choir, keep an eye out for that date and time, TBD.

4) Want to minister to our new neighbors at the chapel? We'll be singing a rousing bunch of Christmas carols on December 15th and 22nd from 4:15-4:45 pm before our service. We'll gather on the lawn in front of the chapel and get into the Christmas spirit, hopefully drawing some of our neighbors out with cheer in the process. Let me know by December 8th if you want to carol with us.

Thank you for being a congregation which sings and praises with enthusiasm. I look forward to making music this Advent season with you all.



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