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Holy Week at Incarnation

Holy Week is a time to remember the final days of Jesus' life and meditate on his suffering and death on our behalf. Each service includes special experiential elements that only happen once a year, and you won't want to miss any of them!

Everyone of all ages is welcome at all Holy Week services, but there will be no childcare on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil, or Easter Sunday (Apr 18-21). We always have a children's nook at the back of the sanctuary equipped with books, toys, and pillows, and we welcome the noise and wiggles of children.

Palm Sunday: We re-enact Jesus' entry into Jerusalem on a donkey, beginning the service outside waving palms, singing, and crying Hosanna.

Sunday, Apr 14, 5pm

Maundy Thursday: We remember Jesus washing his disciples' feet and their last supper together through a foot-washing service. It sounds weird and vulnerable, but trust us: it is beautiful and deeply moving.

Thursday, Apr 18, 7:30pm (Note: the parking lot may be full due to other church activities. Arrive a few minutes early to park on the street behind the church.)

Good Friday - Tenebrae: We remember Jesus' suffering and death through Tenebrae (Latin for "shadows"), an ancient service of light and darkness, sound and silence. Parents of sensitive kids should note that this service becomes increasingly dark and includes a very loud noise toward the end.

Friday, April 19, 7:30pm

Holy Saturday - Easter Vigil: We remember Jesus' three days in the tomb and await his resurrection through our Easter Vigil service. The vigil begins outside around the fire, where we burn the branches from Palm Sunday and papers on which our sins are written. Then the light from this fire is processed into a darkened sanctuary, gradually growing as we retell God's redemption story. The service culminates in raucous cries of "Alleluia!" and a joyful late-night Eucharist, followed by a party downstairs when we break our Lenten fasts together. Please bring any written sins you would like to burn, along with bells to ring and something delicious to share for the party.

Saturday, Apr 20, 8:00pm

Easter Sunday: Lent is over and Eastertide begins, and we'll worship together in a relaxed and beautiful afternoon service, including a baptism! It's also a Family Sunday, which means the kids will worship right alongside the grownups. Please bring cut flowers from your garden for our children to use to adorn the sanctuary that day; we'll have jars and vases available.

Sunday, Apr 21, 5pm

You can download our Google Calendar and follow our Facebook page to keep up with all services and events over this special week. Hope to see you there!


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