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Lent at Incarnation

Lent is a 40-day season (a tithe of the year) devoted to fasting, repentance, and honest self-examination. Many mark the season by fasting from something—perhaps social media, meals, sweets, or alcohol—while others choose to begin a new spiritual practice, such as prayer or reading. This will be Incarnation's first Lent together, and we invite everyone of all ages to enter this season wholeheartedly through special opportunities for prayer and worship.

Burying the Alleluias

During Lent, we fast together from the word "alleluia" in the liturgy. Many of you made beautiful alleluia-themed rocks on the Dinner & Dialogues Retreat (for those who didn't, you'll have another opportunity at our parish meeting on Sunday). These rocks will help us viscerally experience the Lenten season through sight, sound, and touch. We will remove them from the sanctuary on Ash Wednesday, a jarring and weighty invitation to the season. They will make a few shrouded appearances throughout Holy Week and finally reemerge in all their brilliance with the first cries of "alleluia" at the Easter Vigil.

Lenten sermon series

On Sundays in Lent, we will be preaching on spiritual practices (or disciplines), including submission, service, fasting, giving, and more. We are so excited to welcome several people from the congregation as our preachers during this season! As always, sermons will be available on the site, iTunes, and Soundcloud. Why not subscribe during Lent?

Ash Wednesday

On this day we humble ourselves before the God who formed us from dust, and receive ashes on our foreheads as a visible reminder of our sin and mortality.

  • Wednesday, March 6: 7am (ashes only) & 7:30pm (ashes and Eucharist)

  • Evening only: please arrive a few minutes early to allow street parking if necessary; the building will have lots of evening activities.

  • All ages are welcome, but there will not be childcare at either service.

Sunday Atrium changes

Lent is a rich and beautiful season in Atrium, and we don't want our kids to miss a thing. Starting on Sunday, March 10, kids will go directly to Atrium at the start of the service. Check-in will take place in the hallway outside the kids' rooms. Children will still return to their parents in the sanctuary for communion.

Lenten small group

Grant and Nancy Sung are opening their home for a weekly meal and time to engage scripture, prayer, and the sermon series together. Wednesdays, 7-9pm, Mar 20-Apr 10. Read more and sign up.

Friday Morning Prayer

Morgan Reed and Quauhtli and Kathryn Olivieri are leading Morning Prayer on Fridays at the Bailey's Crossroads Panera. Fridays, 7-7:30am, Mar 15-Apr 12. Come at 6:45am to grab coffee/food beforehand. Questions? Email

Lent Prayer Retreat

Ages 12 and up are invited to a morning of creative contemplation during our half-day prayer retreat. Saturday, Mar 23, 9-11am at the Vicarage.

Holy Week Services

Holy Week is a time to remember the final days of Jesus' life and meditate on his suffering and death on our behalf. Each service includes special experiential elements that only happen once a year, and you won't want to miss it. Everyone of all ages is welcome at all Holy Week services, but there will be no nursery or Atrium on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil, or Easter Sunday.

  • Palm Sunday: We re-enact Jesus' entry into Jerusalem on a donkey, beginning the service outside waving palms, singing, and crying "Hosanna." Sunday, Apr 14, 5pm.

  • Maundy Thursday: We remember Jesus washing his disciples' feet and their last supper together through a foot-washing service. It sounds weird, sure, but trust us: it is beautiful and deeply moving. Thursday, Apr 18, 7:30pm. (Note: the parking lot may be full due to other church activities. Arrive a few minutes early to park on the street behind the church.)

  • Good Friday - Tenebrae: We remember Jesus' suffering and death on the cross on our behalf through a special Tenebrae (Latin for "shadows") service. Tenebrae is ancient, contemplative, and experiential. Friday, April 19, 7:30pm.

  • Holy Saturday - Easter Vigil: We remember Jesus' three days in the tomb and await his resurrection through our Easter Vigil service. The vigil begins outside around the fire, where we burn the branches from Palm Sunday. Then the light from this fire is processed into a darkened sanctuary, gradually growing as we retell God's redemption story. The service culminates in raucous cries of "Alleluia!" and a joyful late-night Eucharist, followed by a pretty fantastic party downstairs when we break our Lenten fasts together. Please bring bells to ring and something delicious to share for the party! Saturday, Apr 20, 8:00pm.

  • Easter Sunday: Lent is over and Eastertide begins. We'll worship as usual at 5pm! It's a Family Sunday! Please bring cut flowers from your garden for our children to use to adorn the sanctuary that day; we'll have jars and vases available.

We love being a worshiping community with you, and we can't wait to celebrate this season together.


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