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Lenten reflection: from Kim

Note: Kim has been sharing beautiful neurotrophic art on her social media. We invited her to share her process below. Perhaps you'd like to try this contemplative practice during Lent!

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  • Pencil on the back of the paper a word or sentence about your mood or how you are feeling.

  • Flip the paper over and free flow lines on the paper; the only “rule” is that each line should go to the edge of the paper. Do this until you feel content with the space and lines.

  • Work with Sharpie or some other permanent ink. No going back!

  • Begin to smooth out the sharp corners. This is surprisingly relaxing and gives you time to meditate on what you wrote on the back. (I think writing a psalm on the back and meditating on it is a good idea too.)

  • After everything is softened by the curves, add more lines if you want, or trace shapes softening the connecting points as well. Then you can go in and add color if you like using whatever you have.

  • This process ends up looking a lot like the connections in our brains; how cool is that!

  • I like the free form that turns into order of sorts. I find the whole process very relaxing and good for meditation and thinking.

~ Kim McKnight

More of Kim's beautiful neurographic creations!

A helpful YouTube tutorial shared by Kim.


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