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Wild Wonder June 7: Be still

This summer, Incarnation families are gathering weekly at Alcova Heights Park, or at home, or in another lovely natural spot for a relaxed time of family prayer and nature exploration. Here’s this Sunday’s wonder-worthy scripture: 

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

Nature focus: the wind.

After or during prayer time and scripture reading, invite everyone to find a spot to lie down on the picnic blanket. Close your eyes, enjoy the breeze.

  • Take 30 seconds to listen for whatever sounds you hear. Then everyone can name what they’ve heard. (cars, birds chirping . . . )

  • Take 30 seconds again, and listen for the sounds of the wind moving things. (grass, leaves rustling . . . )

  • Continue if you’re into it. How does it feel to be still and quiet? Is it easy or difficult?

Other options:

  • Sing the atrium song “Be still and know that I am God.” 

  • Use art supplies to “illuminate” the verse, or draw something you find outside. Depending on age and ability, parents can write the verse in the nature journals for kids, or for kids to copy; or kids can write it themselves.

  • Kids may like to decorate the cover of their nature journals.

Parents can nature journal, too . . .

One of our Incarnation youth showed me which plants at Alcova Heights are edible!

Options for continuing to wonder during the week (DON'T do them all!):

  • For the artists: Here’s a YouTube tutorial on how to observe and draw from nature.

  • Recall the Pentecost story and re-read what happened in Acts 2, when the Spirit sounded like a mighty rushing wind. 

  • Read the story of Elijah waiting to hear from God in 1 Kings 19:9-13. 

  • Make a kite and fly it!

  • Challenge kids to find materials and make wind chimes.

  • To mark the new church season after Pentecost—ordinary time, or “growing time”—fill in the Liturgical Calendar wheel and draw something in the center to do with this liturgical season. (Email me if you'd like this worksheet and I’ll send it your way!)


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