On Palm Sunday we remember Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey. The crowds waved branches and shouted “Hosanna! Save us!” We would love you to gather your palms or branches from outside and be prepared to wave them as we sing at the start of our service. 
Bring to zoom church: your palms from your bag, or branches from your yard
We will use the Palm Sunday liturgy beginning on page 554 of the 2019 Book of Common Prayer (download or view online).
Scriptures for Palm Sunday, April 5 (read them all here):
Matthew 21:1-11
Isaiah 52:13-53:12
Philippians 2:5-11
Psalm 22:1-11
Matthew 27:1-54 (passion reading at conclusion of service)
This week's songs can be found here if you'd like to play along at home!



Stations of the Cross: We will put up Stations of the Cross along the fence outside the chapel along 8th St S, not only for our church but for our neighbors who pass by. Take some time this week to quietly go and engage with the images; this practice is especially fitting on Good Friday. Feel free to bring a journal and write your prayers of confession or lament in response. Please observe at least 6’ social distance from others as you view the stations. Stations are also available online using the link below.
Confession is available all week. Email Liz ( and she will arrange a time for a zoom call with you. We use the confession liturgy from p. 223 of the 2019 Book of Common Prayer (download here).
Give between now and Easter Sunday to our special Holy Week offering to Abara Frontiers: learn more.



At this service, we remember Jesus washing his disciples’ feet before the last supper. This was the work of the lowliest servant in the home; the dustiest, dirtiest job. It was done as a sign of welcome, but also as a blessing to the home. We are in a season in which for the sake of the community at large, and especially the most vulnerable, we have been reminded to constantly wash our hands. In this service we would love to invite you to have a bowl of warm water in your house. At the point when we would normally wash one another’s feet, we will instead wash our own hands, remembering Jesus’ words at the last supper to serve one another.
Bring to zoom church: a warm bowl of water, a towel 
We will use the Maundy Thursday liturgy beginning on page 560 of the 2019 Book of Common Prayer (download or view online).
Scriptures for Maundy Thursday, April 9 (read them all here):
1 Corinthians 11:17-26
Psalm 78:21-25
Mark 14:12-16



We will remember the night of Christ’s crucifixion through a Tenebrae service. As we read through passion narrative from John's gospel, we will extinguish candles until we are in near darkness. The final candle is a reminder that Christ is the light of the world. During the final reading we take it out of sight for a moment as we remember Christ’s death. It is then returned as we sing our final song and we remember our hope that is fulfilled on Easter Sunday, the resurrection morn.
Bring to zoom church: the votive and covered rock in your bag. When the Christ candle is removed during the service, extinguish your candle. You may wish to light it again on Holy Saturday as you hold vigil.
The Tenebrae service is not in the prayer book. Words will be available to sing and respond on the screen, but if you are dialing in without video capacity, we invite you to simply rest in the narrative and receive the liturgy as a gift. All readings are from John 18:1-19:42.



Sometimes called Silent Saturday, this is a day when we sit in the pain and silence of Christ’s death. It’s an opportunity to mourn. To grieve. You may find yourself feeling the pain of trauma or grief in your own life. There is some merit in sitting with this pain, but do feel free to reach out to a pastor if you need to today. We also encourage you to be deliberate about the things you watch or do or say today. (Note: we are NOT holding an Easter Vigil this year.)
Some suggestions for how you engage with the day:
• Make lentil soup with vinegar for lunch or dinner. Recipe here
• If you watch television today, watch things that will draw you to Christ, perhaps the movie The Passion of the Christ (available to rent for streaming online on Amazon or YouTube) or the series The Chosen (available to stream online or via app).
• Visit the Stations of the Cross outside the chapel or online if you haven’t yet done so.
• Spend the evening listening to St. Matthew Passion. It’s long. It’s beautiful. Turn up the sound. Light your votive candle. Place yourself emotionally into the music. Allow it to seep into your soul. Perhaps choose not to do other things while you listen. Simply sit. Worship.




We rejoice!
Beginning at sunrise and throughout Sunday morning, you are invited to help transform the fenceline and sidewalk outside the chapel—where we displayed the Stations of the Cross—into a bright, beautiful resurrection garden for us and our neighbors to enjoy! The creativity of kids and adults is welcome. Options include:
• Unwrap your rock and place it along the fenceline!
• Bring flowers and branches from home to weave into the fence.
• Add coffee filter flowers (instructions here) to the fence
• Hang Alleluia banners, streamers, ribbons . . . 
• Use sidewalk chalk to decorate a portion of the sidewalk.
COVID-19 Notice: Virginia's stay-at-home order permits travel to and from places of worship, as well as walking outside while observing 6ft social distance. If you choose to visit and decorate, please keep in mind that two squares of sidewalk make about a 6ft distance. Give ample space to others and practice careful hand washing before and after.
For those who remain at home, please draw with joy on your own sidewalk, hang Alleluias in your windows, hang ribbons from your balcony or trees, or find another way to display the joy of Easter as a gift to your neighbors. Please post or send us a picture!


BELLS!! Get ready to ring your bells unmuted after the acclamation at the start of the service. Feel free to ring your bells with delight throughout the singing! We will take the eucharist together. The wafer and wine in your bags were blessed when we recorded the Eucharist earlier. 
After the service you are welcome to bring your Easter supper to the virtual table and we will ‘feastluck’ together!
Bring to zoom church: your bells, and the blessed wafer and wine from your gift bag. Place flowers or greenery by your camera for the zoom call! 
We will use the Renewed Ancient liturgy beginning on page 123 of the 2019 Book of Common Prayer (download or view online).
Musicians are invited to play along at home! Songs for Easter Sunday are here.
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