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Do stuff and bring a friend!

Dear Incarnation friends

Don’t you love the fact that Eastertide is longer than Lent? This season of Alleluias and rejoicing…. so much delight in the resurrection and the promise of the Holy Spirit. But then I find myself almost standing on tiptoe to stretch towards Pentecost. The rhythm of the liturgical calendar taking us gently and inexorably forward creating a beautiful tension between past and future.

But for now - the delight of being right here. Today. The sun is breaking through. The air is heavy with the scent of wisteria at the end of our street. And of course there is pollen everywhere!

One of the lovely things about anticipating seasons is the chance to get some play dates on your calendar… I would love to suggest you ‘save the date’ for some of the fun things we have coming up in the next few months… Take a look. Savour. And note on your calendars!

Coming up (and who to contact for more details!)

May 24, Women - 7pm drinks at Kim’s (Amy)

May 31, Men - 7pm grilling and games in the park (Morgan)

June 1, 10am-12 Music jam at the Vicarage - bring your instrument if you have one, or just come along and sing or you can just play the spoons (Beth)

June 2, Parish Meeting and potluck after the service (Liz)

June 9, Volunteer gratitude cookout after the service - we’re providing! We want to say THANK YOU to every single one of you… we will say more. But for now - know this - YOU are a vital and appreciated and LOVED part of our community! (Staff team)

June 14, “Moana” at Arlington Mill - movie night with Anna

July 4, something will be happening and it will involve fireworks .… (Beth)

July 27, Incarnation mini-vaca picnic at Pohick Park. An all-day chance to get out of town, play some games, eat many burgers (a11am-1pm), hike a little, maybe even paddle a canoe…. (Morgan)

Aug 30-Sept 1 Camping, yup - our first Incarnation camping trip to Sky Meadows. Let us know if you want a space reserved! Come for two nights, or one for just for the day. (Ginny, Patrick)

May 23-25, 2020 And way, way away…. next year - Incarnation leaves town - want to help plan a cool retreat? Let Liz know!


Want to plan an event for our community? Let us know - we love grassroots happenings!

Also note - there is a text group that the guys use, and a WhatsApp for the women. Ask us if you’d like to be included in the chat!

Looking forward to playing a lot this Summer!

Hope to see you this Sunday at 5pm! And why not ... bring a friend?



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