Read below to learn how we are using our resources to serve those impacted by COVID-19.


Providing groceries to asylum seekers, delivering masks and supplies, donating blood, creating community art, and more...Incarnation is serving one another and its neighbors. Click the link below for regularly updated opportunities to serve.


Incarnation raised nearly $6,000 through its Holy Week offering for Abara Frontiers, providing emergency relief to shelters along the Mexico border.

And we are giving a weekly monetary gift to local and global organizations on the frontlines of COVID-19. Past recipients include:

Our COVID gifts ended in June, but you can still read about our nomination process here!


We are praying for the urgent needs of our community and world through our rhythms of weekly prayer together online. Everyone is welcome! Learn more and join in these rich times of prayer through the link below. 

We pursue worship, welcome, and wonder in South Arlington and around the globe. Outreach is a big part of this mission! We give away at least 10% of our undesignated income toward local and global outreach each year. And we regularly preach about, pray for, and serve people in need. The following priorities guide our outreach:


We value works of justice and mercy as reflecting the kingdom of God on earth: welcoming the stranger, protecting the vulnerable, serving the poor, reconciling divisions, and more. Our Rector has served on the steering team for the Matthew 25 Gathering, and many in our congregation are actively involved in works of justice, particularly in the fields of immigration, disability, and human trafficking.


We value creation, craftsmanship, and creativity, seeing them as true expressions of God’s nature in the world, worthy of our protection and investment. We recognize the interest in gardening/urban farming, creation care, and the arts (particularly music) among many in our congregation.


We value the kingdom-building work of others, and seek to support and strengthen their ministry through spiritual refreshment and the ministry of presence. We are grateful for our ongoing partnership in West Asia.


We value evangelism and church planting in the context of authentic friendships and welcoming community. We seek to empower female and minority church leaders.