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We liken volunteering on Sundays to participating in a family meal. It is one of the easiest ways to jump in to our community as we work together to prepare a space for others to worship and connect each week. Anyone is invited to volunteer, regardless of age or membership status. Please fill out this form to indicate your volunteer preferences.


We use software called Planning Center Online to help organize our volunteer resources. Once you have filled out the volunteer form, you will be sent a welcome email to Planning Center Online. If you have any problems signing in, email Emily. The easiest way to access PCO services is through your smartphone through the planning Center Services app, but you can also access it on any web browser at Planning Center Online.

Don’t know what an app is? If you have an iPhone, we have simple instructions available here on how to download the PCO Services App. There is a helpful video tutorial here.


Whether you access PCO from the app or your computer (or both!), it's the place you'll block out dates, accept or decline volunteer requests, view Sunday schedules, and access media files (including ALL of our written and video volunteer instructions; read more below!).


So, you've accessed PCO and are ready to get to work on a Sunday? Great! We'll do our best to pair you with experienced volunteers who can show you the ropes, and the staff are always available to answer questions on Sunday. No question is silly!


There are also three ways to access comprehensive volunteer instructions:

  1. Volunteer Email. Every week, Incarnation sends a volunteer email with all instructions attached.
  2. Volunteer Binder. There is a white binder near the Welcome Table each week with all volunteer instructions printed inside.
  3. PCO Media files
    • From a web browser: Login to Planning Center Online. Click “Media” and navigate to either “Audio/Visual Instructions”; “Children’s Leaders”; “Hospitality Instructions”; “Liturgical Volunteer”; “Music Instructions.”
    • From the app: Find your settings by tapping the 3 horizontal bars in the top left corner of your screen. Once you’ve navigated to settings, tap the Media icon (it looks like a video camer) to view all volunteer instructions.
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