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Catechesis of the Good Shepherd begins at 9:30am every Sunday.

Good Shepherd Atrium: children ages 3-6

True Vine Atrium: children ages 7-12

We're an intergenerational church that welcomes children as full participants in our community, with lots to teach us about the life of faith. All children are welcome in the service with their families; we don't mind noise and wiggles! Read this letter from our rector to learn more about why we include children in the service. We provide materials for quiet play, spiritual formation, and creativity which children are welcome to use during the service. In addition, Incarnation offers the following:


The nook is a safe and welcoming space for children under 3 and their caregivers to  experience the rhythms of the church while quietly reading and playing during the service. A quiet room (Art Room 102) is also available throughout the service for children who need a break.


The atrium is a place of worship and prayer set aside for children in our worship space at Randolph Elementary. Atrium opens before church at 9:30am for children ages 3-12 to participate in Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. Ages 3-6 are invited to the Good Shepherd Atrium, and ages 7-12 to the True Vine Atrium.
Once church begins, children may continue working in the atrium or return to sit with their families. We encourage families to teach their children to whisper during the service; this helps communicate from an early age that something special is happening when we gather for worship! 
Note: The Atrium year ends at Pentecost (usually early June), and takes a break over the summer.


Children of all ages are invited to participate in the service and help in various ways. Older children (7+) may serve as Gospelers (carrying the gospel book), Crucifers (carrying the cross), Readers, Candle Lighters, and more. Teenagers may volunteer to help with the liturgy, A/V, and the Atrium as desired.
We are working to create small group mentoring and prayer opportunities for our youth starting in 2023, and in the meantime, some of our middle- and high-school youth participate in Apex, the youth group of Restoration Anglican (our planting congregation).


Children and youth help lead the worship service on special occasions such as Christ the King and Pentecost. These services give the kids an opportunity to practice the rhythms of the liturgy and the adults an opportunity to learn from our children. Many in our congregation say these are their favorite Sundays!


We are committed to the safety and protection of our youngest members. All nursery, atrium, and youth volunteers have cleared a thorough background check and have been trained in child-safety practices, and we follow the child-protection policies of the Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic. 
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