We gather weekly outdoors in-person under shade canopies in the parking lot behind the chapel. FAQs about this outdoor service:
  • What COVID safety protocols will be in place?
    • As of Sunday, May 23, we have relaxed our COVID guidelines for fully immunized people following new guidance from the CDC and the state of Virginia. 
    • Fully immunized persons (i.e. two weeks after second dose of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or after single dose of J&J vaccine) are able to attend outdoor worship services and other gatherings under the canopies without masking, and physical distancing for them is relaxed.
    • Those who are immunized but wish to continue wearing masks are encouraged to do so, as this is a matter of individual discretion.
    • Those who are not fully immunized are encouraged to wear masks and observe physical distancing for outdoor services and gatherings, and are required to wear masks for indoor services and gatherings.
    • Communion: The congregation is invited to come forward, and servers will intinct (dip) wafers into the wine and drop them into the recipient's hands without contact. All servers must be fully immunized or wear a mask, and must sanitize their hands or wear gloves.
    • Children: Each family is encouraged to use masks for children at their own discretion. We recognise many schools have requirements for their children and we will do all we can to keep all our children safe.
    • Our primary motive is loving one another. Please keep the sensitivities of others in mind as you make decisions about masking and distancing. This is an opportunity for clear and charitable communication.
  • What about sunshine, wind, and other weather?
    • Shade canopies provide sun protection throughout the summer and will be removed when temperatures cool. Bring cool or warm beverages and dress for the weather!​
    • The chapel, atrium, and nursery offer climate-controlled spaces indoors to view the service via Zoom on a personal device.
    • In case of excessive heat or cold, rain, snow, etc., we will announce an inclement weather plan Saturday afternoon via email, chat, and social media. The Sunday service will move indoors, and we will open signups for worship in the Chapel with limited numbers. Everyone else will worship at home via Zoom.
  • What if I'm not comfortable coming in person yet?
    • We will continue to Zoom the Sunday service each week. The liturgy will be available via a link in the chat (no more slides!).
  • What about kids?​​
    • Kids are ALWAYS warmly welcomed in the service, noise and wiggles and all! Materials for outdoor play and creativity are available.
    • The nursery and atrium will be open for parents whose children need a quiet indoor space, but we will not have any children's volunteers. 
    • Parents are responsible for their own children at all times and in all places during in-person services.
    • Indoor restrooms are available, but please note that other people also use the building at the same time. Parents should accompany children to the restrooms.
    • Children are invited to participate in Atrium on the Quilt during the service (ages 3-6) or after the service (ages 6+) for age-appropriate exploration and bible study.
  • What should I bring?
    • A chair or blanket to sit on (extra folding chairs available onsite).
    • Coffee, water, snacks, blankets, anything would make your worship comfortable!
  • Will the building be open?
    • Yes, the chapel, nursery, and restrooms inside will be open and available for use. Masks are required inside the building for anyone unvaccinated.
  • What about after-service prayer?
    • After-service prayer teams will be available after the service under the canopies. 
    • Those on Zoom are encouraged to reach out to an Incarnation pastor to schedule prayer. 
We worship live in our Chapel at 9am when the weather prevents Canopy Church. All pews are available, and each of our children's rooms may be used by one family per week. We will notify the congregation by email on Saturday if worship will move into the Chapel. COVID protocols are in place (masks and distance for the unvaccinated, open doors, hand hygiene, and air purifiers).


Sundays @ 10am
NOTE: Service time changes to 10am Sunday, Oct 24!

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