Rev. Dr. Liz Gray

I was born and raised in South Africa, and when I climb off the plane when visiting family, the air still smells right. Then I spent a few decades in London, UK, working out how to follow Jesus as a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother to three wonderful people … and a High School math teacher. 

And then a move to the USA -- and no more calculus, but theology and ordination and 7+ fabulous years working at Restoration Anglican Church, leading outreach (my passion) and learning how to be a priest.

2017 dawned and God started explaining the next chapter -- and here we are, delighting in the adventure of church planting in South Arlington where Simon (my splendid husband) and I are always ready to hang out, eat take-out, drink some good wine, hunker down over a good jigsaw or novel or maybe take Poppie (the puppy) and head out to hike a mountain! We love to travel and wonder at all God has made!

Email me: liz at incarnationanglican dot org


Rev. Amy Rowe

My background in social work and international affairs has carried me through five continents. I’ve sung midnight karaoke on a rural bus with communist officials; been saved from a charging ostrich by my resourceful husband; slurped shark fin soup with intoxicated bureaucrats; and shared stories with some pretty amazing people along the way.

When I’m not fending off ostrich attacks, I love my job as Executive Pastor at Incarnation, where I manage the church’s day-to-day operations and collaborate with Liz on all matters of worship, welcome, and wonder. I am honored to step into the role of Rector in May 2022.

I was ordained to the transitional diaconate in June 2021, finished my seminary studies in August 2021, and will be ordained a priest in December 2021. You can read a bit of my ordination journey here. I love Madeleine L’Engle and Wendell Berry and backyard birds and strong coffee. I live with my husband and two kids and lots of books in South Arlington.

Email me: amy at incarnationanglican dot org


Josie Ortega

I lasted a short time in DC's political world before joining the staff of Little Lights Urban Ministries, where I loved connecting the resources of individuals and churches from across the spectrum of political ideology, race, and age—to the mission of sharing Christ's love with kids and families in a particular DC neighborhood. I still delight in the diversity of the church. Because my husband's family moved to the states from Mexico, my respect for the immigrant experience has deepened over the years, and these days I love helping with the adult English classes at another wonderful neighborhood-based non-profit, Casa Chirilagua


Now that I stay at home with our young children, I've enjoyed observing their joy in hearing about the God who knows and loves them. During our family's short-lived attempt to get out of the Washington, DC area, we lived in Nashville, where we hosted a weekly dinner for cousins and friends every Sunday for a year (!) and had our third child. During that time I had the opportunity to train in Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, which is a lovely religious formation program that draws from the Montessori method and enables children to engage with the Gospel at their developmental level. I'm excited for the children and adults at Incarnation to learn from one another as we worship together. I hope that the children—just like the adults!—will find Incarnation to be a place to slow down, a place that fosters prayer, community, and joy in knowing Jesus, the Good Shepherd.  

Email me: josie at incarnationanglican dot org


Rev. Katie Hamlin

I am Katie Johnson Hamlin and I was ordained a deacon in October 2020 and a priest in June 2021. I was raised in Pennsylvania and lived in Washington, DC for about 15 years while working around the world in international development. I most recently lived in Bangkok and served at Christ Church, a multi-cultural church in the Anglican tradition, before returning to DC in the summer of 2020. I am married to Darin and we have three children – Brendan, Asher, and Elisa.

Email me: katie at incarnationanglican dot org


Quauhtli Olivieri

I am Quauhtli Olivieri Herrera and I am a postulant for the Vocational Diaconate. Born in Mexico, raised in Puerto Rico, and having lived for 17 years in North Carolina, prior to moving to the DC area, I am blessed to be part of a multicultural and multilingual upbringing, which I consider a great asset in advancing God’s Kingdom in the DC-Maryland-Virginia region. As part of prior ministries, I served in middle school and high school youth group leadership and, alongside my wife Kathryn, led a church-led college student ministry at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. I previously served as an Infantryman in the NC Army National Guard, earned my B.A. in Political Science from North Carolina State University, and a Master of Public Policy degree from the Duke University Sanford School of Public Policy.

Email me: quauhtli at incarnationanglican dot org


Rev. David Griffin

David was ordained a transitional deacon in October 2021. He has a very patient wife and four magnificent children. David is an academic by training but a pastor at heart. He joined Incarnation from the beginning and enjoys wearing many hats in ministry.


Incarnation's leadership team

Incarnation's wise and capable vestry, from L to R: Liz Gray (Rector), Cory Warden, Tom Pienaar, Ben Goebel (Warden), Kaitlin Conway, Nancy Sung (Warden), Jenni McSwain

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