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Easter Wonder

How lovely it was to enjoy the breeze together in our new "canopy church" on Easter Sunday!

. . . and it's extra-lovely to realize that the celebration continues. On our church calendar, Easter season lasts for seven Sundays—longer than Lent! It's a great season to sing Alleluias with gusto and to rejoice in Christ's Risen Life.

During Eastertide (through Sunday, May 16) we're inviting kids and families to Easter Wonder: we'll gather on the lawn in front of the chapel at 10:30 am to get ready for church with an art invitation and scripture meditation.

Here's what you need to know:

  • No need to sign up ahead of time or check in at church; parents will remain responsible for their kids.

  • We'll spread out in family groups as needed on the front lawn with the supplies for our open-ended art activity.

  • All ages welcome and encouraged. (It's great for both parents and kids to take time to listen to scriptures and respond . . . adult participation conveys that these things are worthwhile for everyone.)

  • In the event that we're having online church due to weather, we'll log on at 10:40am and have a breakout room for those who'd like to join.

Would you and your family like to lead an Easter Wonder art activity one week? I have a list of options for art responses, or you can come up with your own. Email me and we can talk about dates and the scripture readings!


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