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Letter from Amy: July 12, 2023

Dear Incarnation,

We've now been worshiping at Drew Elementary for 6 weeks. How's it going? Have you had a chance to read the history placards lining the sidewalk outside? Have you explored anything new in the neighborhood?

When we announced that we had to move out of Randolph Elementary due to their summer renovations, we'd expected it to be a temporary move — "summer camp." We were delighted to discover a wonderful "camp" location in Drew Elementary. However, just before we moved in for the summer, the staff at Drew also offered us the possibility of extending our lease beyond the summer and worshiping there longer-term. Since then, we've been prayerfully considering that offer as we've adjusted to the new space. I've shared this possibility with many of you already, usually in response to the frequently-asked question, "Can we stay here??"

A scene from Sunday's Wild Wonder - what good "summer camp" is complete without balloon animals?

So now, I'd love to invite your feedback and prayers as part of our discernment process. Please take a minute (literally, one minute) to fill out this brief survey to let me know your preference for our fall worship space. Do you hope to return to Randolph long-term, or do you hope to stay at Drew long-term?

And then please pray for our staff and vestry as we weigh the many needs and considerations of our congregation. Pray that we would always follow the fire and cloud of God's presence, even when we aren't sure where it is leading us. Pray for God to plant our church in the field of his choosing, and for us to grow strong roots and bear good fruit there.

As Russell reminded us a few weeks ago, we are a pilgrim church. And while pilgrimage can be a powerful path of discipleship, it's also hard. Change, impermanence, and uncertainty are difficult for all of us in different ways, and we've had more than our fair share of it as a church over the past few years. I don't take any of that lightly, and I would love to hear how all of this is sitting with you. Please fill out the survey, but please also reach out if you'd like to discuss or pray further. I love hearing from you.

I recently discovered this prayer for young churches and church plants, and invite you to pray it with me for our church:

"O God the Creator and ruler of all things, your reign grows like a mustard seed into abundant life: Bless those who plant and tend the life of your Church, that it may become a place of welcome, a refuge of healing, a school for souls, and a life-giving spring; all of which we ask through Jesus Christ, our strength and our salvation. Amen." (Book of Occasional Services 2003, p. 249)

Your fellow pilgrim,



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