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Letter from Liz: April 12, 2022

N. N. Ge, Court of the Sanhedrin. "Guilty of death . " 1892 Canvas, oil. 201.3 × 297.5 cm State Tretyakov Gallery , Moscow With thanks to The Lent Project

Dear friends

This painting takes my breath away. The indignation of the priests; the contrast of the trial of Jesus and the worship of the elders and scribes. I am constantly aware of how easy it is for us to miss Jesus when we become self-absorbed, fearful, or proud...

It's Holy Week. I trust you are having a thoughtful, reflective, contemplative week - OK, most of you have jobs... or kids... or normal life happening too, so perhaps those peaceful opportunities come more as moments than hours or days!

"Almighty God, giver of all good gifts, in your divine providence you have appointed various orders of ministers in your Church: Give grace, we humbly pray to all who are called to any office and ministry for your people; and so fill them with the truth of your doctrine, and clothe them with holiness of life, that they may faithfully serve before you, to the glory of your great Name and for the benefit of your holy Church; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen." (BCP, 2019)

If you happen, like me, Amy, Katie Hamlin and David Griffin, to be DOMA (Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic) clergy, you get a bonus hour of reflection this week. Every year, on the Tuesday of Holy Week, the Bishop calls us together for a service where we all renew our vows. It's a beautiful service, when the Bishop also renews his commitments to us and the church; it is a lovely moment to reflect on this little, tiny, fraction of God's church and the way it works. The last two years the service has been on zoom which was ...strange? So it will be so good to be in person again this year. And as we are your clergy, I encourage you to regularly pray for us! So often in the prayers of the people we are named and remembered before God - it always feels so encouraging.

Some jolly ordination pics from the last year! May we always be willing to step towards the marginalised, the outcasts, the misfits.

In other news:

I hope to see you a number of times this week!

  • Maundy Thursday, 7pm at Greenbrier Baptist Church

  • Good Friday, 6pm at Greenbrier Baptist CHurch

  • Easter Sunday, 10am at Randolph - ready to shout our praises with joy and thanksgiving!


Are you interested in membership at Incarnation? Fill in this form and let's chat: next service with membership is going to be May 1 - which is coming soon!

With love from your pastor

~ Liz


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