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Letter from Liz: Dec 21, 2021

Shepherds at Night © Laura James, 2000 Used with permission

Dear friends,

Just as Advent invites us to look forward with longing, so the end of the calendar year gives us a moment to reflect on the past twelve months, and as I do so I am filled with gratitude...

Remembering - zoom church ... each box filled with a person or household I love. People committing to pushing through discomfort to be in community every single Sunday to worship the God we love.

Remembering - garden church ... sometimes with fans for the blistering heat, sometimes with heaters in the perishing cold - and like the porridge for the three bears - sometimes the weather was just right for sharing a leisurely meal after the service with beloved community.

Remembering - canopy church! 8 months of meeting outdoors - who could have known we could have dry weather every single Sunday morning (except for once? or maybe twice!). You will never forget the months you had church in a carpark by the dumpsters :)

Remembering our children chalking on the ground during church, Wild Wonder in the park, atrium on the quilts, cicadas in the trees ...

Remembering the ways we have sought beauty and wonder: on zoom through images, in the carpark through pictures on the fences, alleluias!, fabric and greenery..

Remembering book clubs - "Reading while Black", "The Making of Biblical Womanhood' - fierce discussions about justice and goodness and truth.

Remembering handing out pre-consecrated elements, 'ashing' outdoors, eucharists in parks and carparks.

Remembering our small groups - some on zoom, some in person. All calling us to a deeper level of discipleship, accountability challenging us to pay attention to our lives.

Remembering sending a mini-team to West Asia, and then hearing their stories of contacts made, of conversations had, of friends refreshed.

Remembering your generosity, which enabled us to flourish and to be generous to our partners. If you are considering making a further end of year gift, Ginny has some guidance below!

As we head together towards Christmas let us do so with thankful hearts as we remember all that God has done for us!

Your grateful pastor,

~ Liz

The following is a message from our Treasurer that provides answers to frequently asked questions about year end gifts to Incarnation.

My name is Ginny Foran and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as the Treasurer for our church. I am also so grateful that throughout 2021, our congregation has continued to give sacrificially and intentionally, which allowed Incarnation to meaningfully serve our community this year, bring on Amy as full-time staff, support the global needs of refugees and adapt to our ever changing circumstances. As we move to Randolph, we will be seeking new ways to engage with that neighborhood and the school’s spiritual and material needs. I know the end of the year is a time where many consider their financial commitments. As you think about your year-end giving and your financial commitments in 2021, would you consider the ministry of Incarnation Anglican Church in your giving plans? We are so grateful for your support. Below are some Q&A about giving this time of year:

Can I give a special extra Christmas offering?

Absolutely! We always give a Christmas offering to an organization doing good work outside the walls of our church. We will collect this additional Christmas offering through Sunday, Dec 26. The recipient of this year's Christmas offering is Lutheran Social Services’ Afghan Allies Program, which is on the frontlines of Afghan resettlement in Northern Virginia.

You can give to this special offering on the Give page of our website or by texting the word "christmas" and a dollar amount to 843-21. For those who would rather give a physical check, we will have a basket available at our Christmas Eve service.

Can I give an end-of-year gift?

Yes! You may give an end-of-year gift toward Incarnation's general fund online, by text, or by mail (postmarked by Dec 31) following the instructions on the Give page of our website. The deadline for gifts to be counted toward 2021 is December 31.

How will I receive my annual giving statement?

You will receive your 2021 tax receipt electronically from Incarnation in January 2022 for all gifts given to Incarnation.

Where can I find my current giving total?

Incarnation uses a database called Planning Center Online (PCO) to manage all giving records. If you have ever given to Incarnation, you already have a PCO Giving account.

To access your account, click on PCO Giving, then select "Log In" from the top right corner and follow the prompts to access your account. Once logged in, select "Profile" from the menu bar, then "My Giving." Scroll down to "Donation History"; you may view your history here or select the "Download" button to download a .csv file of your giving history. Once tax statements become available, you will be able to download them from the bottom of this page under "Statements."

Can I set up an automatic withdrawal for my giving?

Yes! Go to PCO Giving. If you've never given to Incarnation before, begin the process of creating a gift. If you have given before, select "Log In" from the top right corner and follow the prompts to access your account. Once logged in, select "Profile" from the menu bar, then "My Giving." Scroll down to "Recurring Donations" and select the button that says "+ add Recurring Donation" to create a recurring gift.

Please note, we have been made aware that several banks are not yet integrated with PCO Giving’s bank verification process. If, after going through the process online, you discover this applies to your bank, you have two options:

  1. Go through the process of setting up your recurring gift again. However, after you select “Add Bank Account,” look below the verification button for text that says “Having trouble? You can also use your routing and account numbers to manually verify your account.” Click on “manually verify your account” to enter your account data. This process takes up to 3 days. Or:

  2. Give a recurring gift by credit card rather than via bank debit.

Detailed instructions for giving are also available on the Give page of our website.

What if I get stuck?

If you have any questions or difficulties at any point in the process, please email Amy:


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