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Letter from Liz: Dec 22, 2020

Angels all around

Yasuo Ueno (Japanese, 1926–2005), A Multitude of Heavenly Hosts. Traditional natural pigments on silk. Published in Saisho no Kurisumasu (The First Christmas) (Tokyo_ Shiko-sha Co. Ltd., 1986)

Dear friends

Christmas is coming!

I love the reminders in the Christmas stories that angels are all around us - can you imagine how many must have crowded around that stable so long ago as Mary gave birth? Craning for a view? Worshipping and singing in angelic voices? Bursting out with praise as the world lay silently ignoring this momentous event that would change the universe forever.

I so hope you will join us on Christmas Eve at 4pm - on zoom, bring your candles, your nativity set and dress up as your fav character.... don't forget! ☺️ Come and sing along with the angels.

And then, Christmas Day at 9am: PJ church - a chance to come to a Christmas service in your pyjamas! Join us with your hot beverage, perhaps by your fire, maybe with a gift or two lying around. Don't tidy up - just come and sing, pray and read the account of the birth of Christ together!

And in other news:

This past week, we welcomed Jenni McSwain onto our vestry. Jenni was elected by the vestry last week in accordance with our bylaws in order to fill the unexpected vacancy caused by the recent loss of our beloved Eric. Jenni will serve for the rest of this 'vestry' year, and then will be eligible for re-election at the Fall parish meeting when new vestry members are selected by the congregation. Jenni was commissioned and prayed over at the service last Sunday, but please remember to pray for all our Vestry (Nancy, Clayton, Patrick, Emily, Ben and Jenni) regularly!

In addition, Clayton Clark was elected as our second Warden (joining Nancy Sung), a role he will fill for the rest of this vestry year. We are so grateful for these faithful servants and look forward to working together over this coming year.

And finally, this is my last letter from Liz for a couple of months - but letters from Amy and Katie will fill the gap ... So looking forward to seeing you all when I return from the UK at the end of February.

With so much love and delight in being your Rector. Hope to see you all on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning!



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