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Letter from Liz: July 13, 2021

Vincent van Gogh Painting, Oil on Canvas Saint-Rémy, France: June, 1889 The Museum of Modern Art New York, New York, United States of America, North America

I stood up too suddenly a few minutes ago and felt so dizzy and wobbly. You know how it goes - you then quickly reach out a hand to steady yourself with a nearby chair or passing human. This week, are you more of a wobbler or a steadier - or both? Take a moment to smile at those people who steady you when you’re wobbly or whom you have steadied recently. If you can’t literally see them, smile anyway - it’s a good habit! We all have days of being the wobbler and the steadier. So grateful for the steadying people in my life!

Last Sunday I spoke about our need to be surrounded by loving people when we are learning to persevere, when we are building our resilience to shocks in our life, when we just need to keep going despite feeling wobbly. And this week, Amy will be talking about the role of friendship as we imitate others in order to imitate Christ: those people who also steady us when we need a hand. I am so looking forward to it. Meanwhile, a reminder to come and talk about persevering at canopy chat this Wednesday at 7.30pm!

In other news:

  • Fancy getting out for a hike? Join us on July 24 morning - Jenni McS. will once again be leading us into the wild. Bring a dog if you have one, or a friend who will steady you if you wobble!

  • Write a blog, draw a pic. How are you responding to coming out of COVID? Got some feelings to express? A story to relate? A hope to share? Why not write a blog for us!

  • Two more weeks of Imitate me and Canopy chats - and then we will return to preaching the lectionary over the rest of the summer. Read ahead using your BCP or this website!

Let me know if you fancy a coffee or stroll, I am very available for a cuppa!

Your pastor,



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