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New Year, New Giving Process!

For the past two years, Restoration Anglican has processed all of Incarnation's financial gifts, an invaluable support that gave us time to develop sound financial and administrative processes of our own. Now, thanks to many months of planning and effort by Incarnation's Finance Team, we are ready to take on those responsibilities ourselves—our final step of independence from our mother church. This means that everyone who gives financially to Incarnation needs to make a few changes, and we've worked hard to ensure the process will be as simple as possible! Here's how:


To give online:

  1. Access Incarnation's online giving platform HERE. You can also access it through the "Give Now!" button at

  2. Enter the amount of your gift.

  3. Select whether to give a one-time gift or to establish a regularly recurring gift. If you select "Regularly," you will be prompted to select the frequency (weekly, monthly, etc), the day of the week, and the date at which you wish your recurring gift to begin:

  • Type your email and name and select the button below labeled "Continue."

  • You will be asked to select a payment method (bank or credit card). We recommend payment by bank draft, as processing fees are lower.

  • For payment by bank draft: You will be given the option to "Instantly verify your account." To use this option, you must already have an online account set up through your bank. You will be prompted to select your bank and login to your account, creating an instant and secure connection.

  • However, you may instead choose to link your bank account by manually entering your routing and account number. This method takes several days to verify your account, and will generate an email with further instructions.

  • For payment by credit card: Enter your card information. If you wish, you may select the option to add a small amount to cover Incarnation's transaction fee.

  • Select the "Give $__ now" at the bottom of the page to complete your transaction.

You will receive your receipt by email. This email will include a button at the bottom to "Access my donor profile." Selecting this button will lead you through the process of completing your donor profile in PCO Giving.

To give by check:

  1. Make checks payable to Incarnation Anglican Church (NOT to Restoration Anglican Church!)

  2. Checks may be placed in the offering basked or mailed to the church:

Incarnation Anglican Church

716 S Glebe Rd

Arlington, VA 22204

To give by text:

  1. Text the dollar amount you wish to give to 843-21.

  2. You will receive a text prompting you to setup text-to-give and confirm your donation.

  3. Follow the prompts from your mobile phone to setup a one-time or recurring gift.

  4. You will receive a confirmation by text and a receipt by email.


Note: You only need to complete this step if you have a recurring gift to Incarnation set up through Restoration.

  1. Login to your Restoration Church Community Builder (CCB) account HERE.

  2. Once logged in, select "Give" from the menu on the left sidebar.

  3. From the menu bar at top of the Give page, select SCHEDULES/HISTORY.

  4. Under "Repeating Gift Schedules," you will see your recurring gift to Incarnation listed. To the right of the gift, select the blue link to "Cancel."

  5. A pop-up will ask if you are sure you want to stop your gift schedule. Select "Confirm."

All done! You are now giving directly to Incarnation! Below are a few FAQs:

What happens if I forget to cancel my recurring gift through Restoration?

We are working closely with Restoration to ensure a smooth transition for everyone's giving, and we know that it will take some time for everyone to make the necessary changes. Any recurring gifts to Restoration that are designated for Incarnation will continue to go to Incarnation. However, we recommend that you cancel your Restoration giving as soon as possible, as the process of transferring these gifts is time-consuming for both churches' back office staff.

Will I still get a tax receipt for my 2019 giving?

Yes. Restoration will issue all 2019 tax receipts. You will receive an email later this month from Restoration with instructions on how to access your tax receipt through CCB.

What about next year's tax receipt?

You will receive your 2020 tax receipt from Incarnation in January 2021 for all gifts given directly to Incarnation. In addition, you will receive a tax receipt from Restoration in January 2021 for any Incarnation-designated gifts (over $250) that you made through Restoration before canceling your Restoration giving.

Will I still be able to access my past giving records?

You will always be able to access your record of giving to Restoration through CCB. You can access your record of giving to Incarnation through your PCO Giving account.

What if I get stuck?

If you have any questions or difficulties at any point in the process, please email Amy:

Thank you for being such a generous church!


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