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Third Thursdays-Three Things

PASTORS' NOTE: We are so grateful for the ways the men of Incarnation take care of one another! Read from Grant below about a new men's opportunity on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 8pm, and consider joining a Friday men's Power Hour from 7-8am under the canopies every other week (check the church calendar).

Men of Incarnation!

Please consider meeting up via Zoom on Thursday, October 21 at 8 pm for an evening get-together on the Third Thursday of each month, as we launch a new opportunity to grow in our Worship, Welcome and Wonder together.

Starting on October 21, we will do at least these three things:

  1. Worship: We will begin by having an all-hands discussion of a short chapter of a wonderful book, Gentle and Lowly, The Heart of Christ for Sinners and Sufferers by Dane Ortlund. We’d like to focus not just on what Jesus has done – but who is he? An excerpt: The gospel offers us not only legal exoneration – inviolably precious truth! – it also sweeps us into Christ’s very heart… do you know his deepest heart for you? Do you live with an awareness not only of his atoning work for your sinfulness, but also of his longing heart amid your sinfulness?

  2. Wonder – Each time we meet, we will invite one of us to share something (admittedly vague!) – a topic, passage of scripture, piece of music or art – or a current experience in which God is growing or challenging him in his thinking or relationship with God. This will give all of us an opportunity to be invited into each other’s “wonder-standing,” trusting each other to listen well and encourage one another to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord.

  3. Welcome – We will set aside time for conversation about how the men of Incarnation can be a welcoming community within the church and to our broader communities. What opportunities do we already have – or what can we envision and enact – to love and serve our neighbors?

We will start out as a monthly Zoom meeting, on the third Thursday of each month at 8 pm. Why Zoom and why 8 pm? Despite the shortcomings of such online platforms, Zoom has also given us a superpower! We can meet by walking through walls! The 8 pm hour allows for some – especially those with children – to join from the comfort (and earshot) of home. We will ordinarily plan on our “content” being 60-75 minutes and close the session no later than 9:30. A link to purchase the book is above and below – whether you can join us this month or not, we’d encourage you to get hold of a copy. The church will also make copies available if the cost is prohibitive for you – please don’t hesitate to let Grant or any of the pastors know.

Third Thursday is not meant to replace – but rather, enhance – your participation in weekly small groups or the Friday morning bi-weekly “Power Hour” prayer. We also will begin these meetings on Zoom but hope to expand to some in-person opportunities in the future.

The Zoom link to join the meeting is here, and is also posted on the Virtual Worship and Small Groups (under "Year-Round Small Groups") pages of our website.

We welcome you to join at 8 pm on October 21 - for Third Thursday.

- Grant Sung


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