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We are three pastors who live in and love

South Arlington. 

Liz Gray
The Reverend Liz Gray
The Reverend Liz Gray

I was born outside Pretoria, South Africa, and spent my first fourteen years playing barefoot in the veldt. My father was at different times a pastor and a theologian and we had some fun times, including a year abroad when I was seven, with six months in Princeton and a fabulous journey driving around the USA. Undoubtedly, my years in South Africa shaped my views on justice, and by the age of 14 I was a passionate politician and advocate for the marginalized of society. I made a decision to follow Jesus early in life, and I have been shaped by his views on the poor and oppressed.

Then we moved to the UK and I finished school in London, met my husband Simon, and went to University in Edinburgh where I majored in Mathematics. Teaching qualifications, marriage, three children, and many years

The Reverend Morgan Reed

I spent the first 20 years of my life in Northern California (the more beautiful part of the state, of course) playing a ton of baseball, hours of guitar, and riding hundreds of miles on my mountain bike. I felt a call to pastoral ministry at 14 years of age, and six years later I moved to Chicago to attend the Moody Bible Institute (MBI) to get more training.

In 2008 I married my amazing wife, Ashley, and six months later we moved out to Chicago to start our post-California adventure together. MBI gave me a love for Old Testament Studies, which opened up the door for

Amy Rowe

My background in social work and international affairs has carried me through five continents. I’ve sung karaoke with communist officials in a bus in rural Vietnam; endured malaria in a mud hut in Uganda; had an illegal visa issued by a rebel army using a typewriter and blue construction paper; been saved from a charging ostrich by my resourceful husband; slurped shark fin soup with intoxicated Chinese bureaucrats; and laughed and cried and shared stories with some pretty amazing people along the way.

When I’m not fending off ostrich attacks, I am pursuing ordination to the priesthood and freelance as a graphic designer. I also spend lots of time skipping rocks and catching fish with my kids in our neighborhood creek. I love Madeleine L’Engle and Wendell Berry and backyard birds and strong coffee. I live with my

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