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Please note varying locations for all events throughout the week.
Children are welcome for all services.


Sunday, April 2 @ 10am

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We re-enact Jesus' entry into Jerusalem on a donkey, beginning our worship outside by waving palms, singing songs, and crying Hosanna. Over the course of the service, those cries will turn to "crucify him!" as we begin our Holy Week journey toward the cross. 


Thursday, April 6 @ 7:30pm

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We remember Jesus' last supper with his disciples through a service of foot-washing and communion. This service is tactile, beautiful, and deeply moving. At the conclusion of the evening, we will receive our last communion until Easter and then strip the altar, cover the cross, and extinguish all candles in the sanctuary.

In person at Greenbrier Baptist Church, 5401 7th Rd S or on YouTube.


Friday, April 7
All day: Outdoor self-guided Stations of the Cross
12pm: Tenebrae in the sanctuary
1-5pm: Confession and quiet prayer in the sanctuary

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Stations of the Cross (all day): Self-guided outdoor Stations of the Cross will be available all day along the 7th Rd S sidewalk at Greenbrier Baptist. These contemporary stations include artwork by Scott Erickson and options for self-guided liturgies in both English and Spanish.

Tenebrae (12pm): We remember Jesus' suffering and death through a Tenebrae service marking the hour of Jesus' crucifixion. Tenebrae is Latin for "shadows" and is a service of light and darkness, sound and silence. For those with sensory differences, please note that this service becomes increasingly dark as we extinguish candles, and includes a very loud noise toward the end.

Confession and Prayer (1-5pm): Greenbrier's sanctuary will be open from 1-5pm for quiet prayer and/or confession with a priest. Candles will be available for lighting as an act of prayer. If you would like to schedule a time for confession, please email Katie or Amy, or simply show up. We use the Reconciliation of Penitents liturgy from the Book of Common Prayer (p. 223). 

In-person at Greenbrier Baptist Church, 5401 7th Rd S. Tenebrae also on YouTube.


Saturday, April 8 at home

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This is a day when we sit in the silence of Christ’s death. It’s an opportunity to reflect and mourn all the places in the world where God seems absent. You may find yourself feeling the pain of trauma or grief in your own life; please reach out to a pastor if you need to today. We also encourage you to be deliberate about the things you watch or do or say today. We offer the following suggestions for how to spend Holy Saturday:
Something to pray: Join us at 9am on Zoom for a brief Holy Saturday prayer service. We will follow the Holy Saturday liturgy from the Book of Common Prayer (p. 578). Join here.

Something to see: We have prepared a guide to several works of sacred art in the National Gallery of Art, paired with readings from Julian of Norwich. View the gallery guide online here, or pick up print copies throughout Holy Week. 

Something to hear: Spend the evening listening to St. Matthew's Passion. It’s long. It’s beautiful. Turn up the sound. Light a candle. Allow the music to wash over you. Many people listen as they prepare and eat the lentil soup below.

Something to eat: Join our community in a collective fast until sundown as we remember Christ's death and pray for ourselves, our community, and our world. And whether or not you choose to fast, make lentil soup with vinegar for supper, remembering the bitter gall offered to Jesus on the cross. Recipe here. This has become a treasured Incarnation tradition.

Something to celebrate: Although we will not hold a Vigil this year, we are preparing a simplified vigil liturgy for use around a firepit at home. We encourage those who would like to celebrate the Easter Vigil to invite others to gather and follow this liturgy together. Read the liturgy here. Printed copies will be available at church on Palm Sunday, April 2. 


Sunday, April 9 @ 10am

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We rejoice! Join us at 10am for an in-person Easter celebration complete with baptisms! Bring flowers and greenery from your garden for kids to adorn the sanctuary. Bring your Incarnation bells to ring for the first alleluias of the Easter season. And bring an Easter dish to share for a community Easter feast after the service! (Don't know what to bring? We suggest last name A-D bring beverages; E-L sweets; M-Z savories.)
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