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A couple of years ago I set my computer to switch off every day at 5pm for an hour, forcing me to pause. I can override it - but every time I do so, I know I am forfeiting something special. A chance to stop, to move away, to take the dog for a walk or have a cup of tea, to pray or just to sit and watch the day go by. Those 5-6pm times are precious. Though often I ignore the opportunity, the days I choose it are wonderful.

On June 3, at 5pm our new Incarnation community will choose to pause, to worship. We will start to gather from 4.30pm, and at 5pm, we will begin our first corporate Evening Prayer worship time: and I can’t wait!

Over the last six months or so, we have had numerous occasions to play together: we cleaned a stream, we’ve prayer walked, we’ve toasted s’mores over a roaring fire, we’ve met as small groups - first one, then two, now three. And we are ready. We are ready to begin this next stage of our journey, to begin total Sundays at 5pm as a time for corporate worship.

Over the summer we will meet at Simon and my home - often feasting afterwards. We will start to work out what it means to be a part of this new missional community seeking to love God and our neighbours in 22204.

If you would like to join us, you will find the address on our Events Page. Please contact us if you have questions. Do come and check us out!

And then, on Sept 9 we will make the transition to public worship, also at 5pm we will meet at Greenbrier Baptist Church (5401 7th Rd S, Arlington, VA 22204). Will you be there? We are so looking forward to welcoming you.



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