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Community jam: from Logan

Greetings Incarnation family! 

As we endeavor to enjoy the summer season in this year of social distancing, what better way to appreciate the season than to learn to jam?  Join me next Thursday, 7.30pm July 9 on our "community Night" zoom as we learn how to make strawberry jam, which makes a perfect summer snack. 

Even better, you can do this from the comfort of your own kitchen!  The recipe we'll be following is taken from "Saving the Season," by Kevin West, and is a good introduction to the art and science of canning.  Even if you'd rather not go to the trouble, feel free and join for jam chat and hang out with Incarnation friends.  Hope to see you there!



P.S. If you do plan on making the jam with me, I recommend cutting up the fruit ahead of time, as it takes me about 30 minutes.


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