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COVID 19 and me and you

What is Incarnation doing about COVID 19? Well, I've been reading and thinking . . . and . . .

Our first response, as always, should be to pray. Our Archbishop, Foley Beach, sent this letter out today. Let’s respond by making sure that we are praying regularly, and sincerely.

The next piece of advice I liked was from Public Health Insider which urged us to be sure that we know our neighbours — so that we can be aware of who may need help should things deteriorate. Make sure you are aware of who in your neighborhood might need groceries or someone to help with their kids. Also, join your local neighbourhood association so that you can stay informed. So — YES! Let’s make sure that we know and love our neighbours at this time — especially the vulnerable, lonely or afraid.

And finally, what about within our community? On Sundays? The two main areas of contact in a normal service are at the Peace and taking communion. Sensible advice is — if you have a cough or are sneezing — don’t shake hands or hug! You can always touch someone on the shoulder, or offer an elbow :)

For communion, drinking from the cup is always better than dipping. Because fingers sometimes go into the wine, the advice is to not ‘dip’; however, we will also aim to give bigger bits of bread to people in the future to help avoid this problem. But if in doubt — sip! It really is the better option.

We will all keep washing our hands and using hand sanitiser regularly, and we will have tissues and hand sanitiser at the back of the chapel as well.

Today the Washington Post published a great article — the bottom line was? Be calm!

And as ++Foley concluded, "God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and sound judgment (2 Tim.1:7).  Let us walk and live in God's wisdom asking for his help, and trusting in His mercy."

And, finally, as we are at the start of Lent. Have you signed up for a devotional? Taken up a new book to read? or thought about ways to stretch your prayer life? One of my favorites is this daily blog: the combination of music, images and poetry always challenges and inspires me.



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