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COVID-19 Outreach Fund

Over the past few weeks, we've watched so many of you caring for each other: you're calling and texting, praying, walking (6' apart, of course!), baking cakes, delivering groceries, picking up prescriptions, sending cards, and more. You leapt into action to donate blood, get L'Arche much-needed masks, and provide groceries for RILA families. You're glimpsing light in the darkness and sharing it through beautiful written and visual reflections. We love watching you serve so many in our community. Thank you!

However, we are mindful that many needs are still going unmet in our community and world. People who were already vulnerable—the poor, homeless, chronically ill, prisoners, asylum seekers, domestic violence victims, and more—are now facing severe challenges. We all want to help, but we also want to maintain social distance to help limit the virus's spread.

Therefore, Incarnation will begin giving $500/week to local and global organizations offering relief to those hardest hit by COVID-19. Do you have an organization you'd like us to consider for funding? Recommend them using this form!

As a small church, there is a limit to what we can do, but we are grateful that we have the resources to do something. While we cannot fund every request, we will prayerfully consider each suggestion and will evaluate all potential recipients using the following criteria:

Outreach Values

Any recipient organization must fit within one or more of Incarnation's outreach values (read more on our outreach page):

  • Justice & Mercy

  • Creation & Beauty

  • Refreshing the Workers

  • Evangelism & Church Planting

Relational and Geographic Connection

We value strong relational and geographic connections and organizations with a proven track record. Priority will be given to:

  • Organizations and individuals with a direct personal connection to an Incarnation member.

  • Organizations serving Incarnation’s neighbors along the Columbia Pike corridor.

  • Global organizations on the frontlines of relief efforts around the world.

Do you know an organization that meets these criteria and is doing great work? Would you like us to consider them for a $500 gift? Click here to recommend them!

Thank you for being a church that truly seeks to love its neighbors. Keep checking in, walking, praying, baking, and washing your hands.


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