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Dinner & Dialogues: Weekend Retreat

Why a retreat?

A few decades ago a friend taught me (an all too often anxious person) a helpful lesson when she told me in a moment of fluster to go outside, lie down on the grass, and look up at the sky for a few minutes. We all need those moments of refreshment to just breath — moments that teach us that the world goes on even when we cease from trying to make it turn. On Feb 9-10 you'll have a chance to get out of the city, breath some fresh air, go on a walk, be with friends (and make some new ones), eat great food, and learn more about the Holy Spirit. We will go together to the beautiful Camp Highroad about an hour away for a relaxed time of song, prayer, discussion, and fun. Can't come for the whole weekend? There is a Saturday-only option as well.

Can I come?

Yes! This retreat is for everyone! Sign up here for the retreat. If you have not yet been to the South Arlington Dinner & Dialogues but would like to start coming on Wednesday nights as well, registrations for the Dinner and Dialogues are open through January 30th. Please join us on a Wednesday for the Dinner and Dialogues as well as for the retreat.

If you're scheduled to volunteer Sunday for church you can do both, but if that will be too much, please feel free to decline volunteering on Sunday and go to the retreat!

If you have any questions about the logistics or signups, please feel free to contact Morgan at

The last day to register will be Saturday Feb 2.


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