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Family Life at Incarnation

Every Sunday at Incarnation we worship together as a big family. It is such a joy to worship together, reconnect with one another, and eat together (at least) twice per month. If you have been at Incarnation for any length of time, you know that it takes a lot of helping hands to make everything work so seamlessly on Sundays!

Part of being a family means that the whole community works together and that the 'liturgy' of a Sunday actually starts before the opening acclamation at 5pm. Did you know that there are between 25-30 volunteer slots on any given Sunday? Even though many folks will take multiple slots on a Sunday, when we think about the kids, the hospitality, the liturgy, the A/V, and the music, it really does take a large family to set the table for our time of worship together (and clear the table again when we're done).

How can I join in?

  • Getting Scheduled: Sign in to Planning Center Online (PCO), our user-friendly volunteering platform, where you can blockout the dates you’re unavailable, confirm your scheduled times, or sign up for open slots. Having trouble logging in? Contact us.

  • Prayer: Each week we gather at 4:30pm to pray for the service and for one another in the narthex. All scheduled volunteers will arrive at 4:30 to pray (allows plenty of time for setup!), but is open to anyone who wants to join us for this intimate time of prayer.

  • Keep your eyes open: You may not be scheduled for a particular Sunday, but you are always invited to jump in and help (remember: you are part of the family!). Whether it's sanctuary/altar setup, greeting, setting up the sound, etc., take the opportunity to whatever needs to be done. You can always check with Morgan+ as well if there are gaps.

  • Get trained: If you'd like to help disciple our kids, we would love for you to have an opportunity! We offer regular safety trainings. If you'd like to pray with people during communion we would love to train you in that as well. Just contact us and let us know.

  • Let us know: If you've never told us how you might like to serve, let us know here.

  • Help clear the table: Many hands make light work. Those who are scheduled to set up are also responsible to clean up, but we are a family, so feel free to jump in and help someone. If we're done cleaning up we can go to dinner together earlier!

Thank you

Thank you for the ways that each of you contribute to the family life of Incarnation Anglican Church. It is a gift to see so many selfless, skilled, missional people contributing to our life together. So many of you model what it means to serve Jesus both on Sundays and during the week and it is a joy to serve alongside you.



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