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Outreach this week: give to Beirut + meet one of our partners!

Note: We are beginning a new weekly rhythm of outreach blogs every Thursday! Read them all here.

Last week, I wrote about sowing seeds in Beirut. This week, we have a tangible opportunity to do just that by giving to relief efforts there. You can give to this work in one of two ways:

  • Text a dollar amount and the word “Beirut” to 843-21

  • Click the orange “Beirut Relief” button at (we’ll post the link in the chat at church on Sunday)

Thank you!


And somehow in this Covid time warp in which we are living, it seems to already be…August? Is that right?!? August marks the end of Incarnation’s fiscal year and the time that we disburse end-of-year gifts to various outreach partners. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be highlighting each of those partners and the good work they're doing in our community and around the world.

First up is Next Generation Leadership Initiative, a new initiative of the Anglican Church in North America. Their vision is for a North American Anglicanism that is faithful, just, multiethnic, and missional, and they are developing lay and ordained leaders who embody that vision. When this initiative was launched a few months ago, we leapt at the opportunity to be one of the first 100 churches involved. Why?

Communion of Saints tapestry (detail) by John Nava

One of our outreach priorities is “to empower female and minority church leaders.” As a woman-led church, we are familiar with the barriers that such leaders often face (lack of seminary funding, lack of job opportunities, vocational loneliness, and sometimes unwelcoming attitudes) and we want to offer our support.

What’s more, we are a high-participation church because we love developing leaders of all kinds! We strongly value everyone trying, learning, exercising, and developing their gifts in our community — we all have so much to learn from one another.

Finally, we are a church that longs to grow in justice, mission, and multi-ethnicity in our own context. We are excited and privileged to partner with those who are striving in the same direction in the broader Anglican church.

Join us in giving thanks for the Next Generation Leadership Initiative and pray for them as they launch this new work!


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