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Got questions?

On March 3 after our evening service, we will head downstairs for pancakes and Our Very First Incarnation Parish Meeting! Why not add it to your calendar now?

It will be exactly six months after our public launch and so is a wonderful opportunity to pause and take stock and look back with gratitude at all that has happened, and to look forward and wonder at what is to come!

A parish meeting is just like any family meeting - we will listen, pause, assess, think, be thankful, and answer questions!

So there’s the thing - what ARE your questions?

Do you have areas you’d like us to cover? Are there things you are curious about? Now is your chance to find out all you ever wanted to know about the inner workings of Incarnation past, present and future!

So, why don’t you take a minute (yup, one minute) now to pause - and wonder and then shoot an email to Liz, with your thoughts, ideas, questions… and we will weave as many of together as we can into our presentation!

Of course, you can ask questions on the night but it would be REALLY helpful to have them in advance!

But wait...there's more!

It's also a potluck Sunday! And because it's the last Sunday before the season of Lent, we'll be eating pancakes, which are a traditional feast before Lenten fasting begins. Jeff Walton and a team of volunteers and friends will be flipping pancakes. YOU will provide the toppings and sides--be creative!

We'll also be collecting cash offerings at the potluck to support the good work of Anglican Relief and Development Fund. More details to come!

And in our desire to care for creation, we're inviting everyone to bring something else as well: your own dish and cup! This tradition comes to us from Mandy Sahm, whose community in Germany always brought their own dish and cup to communal meals. We love this idea and would like to try it for all future potlucks. (But if you forget, don't worry: we'll have a stash of our usual compostable plates and cups on standby.)

Pancakes, fundraising for a good cause, communal dishes, and a parish meeting...what more could you want?

So grateful for this community!



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