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Letter from Amy: June 5, 2024

Meeting neighbors of the tortoise and hedgehog variety on Greenbrier's lawn

Dear Incarnation,

Happy summer! I'm loving the warmer weather (what can I say, I'm from Texas!), the relaxed rhythms, the summer birds, and everything green and blooming. And I loved kicking off our short sermon series on Acts 2:41-47 called Ordinary Church last Sunday (I wrote about this series last week). Give a listen and come back this week for "we are generous"!

This summer, big changes are happening to our office and sometimes-worship space at Greenbrier Baptist. Central Union Mission is expanding from DC into Northern Virginia later this summer. They've selected Greenbrier Baptist as their home base (watch a short news clip here, and keep your eyes peeled for Incarnation signs in the yard!), and they will renovate and move into the ground level this summer.

For years, I've dreamed about what it would mean to open Greenbrier's doors to the neighborhood every day, becoming a center of refuge, resources, and relationships in the midst of a changing neighborhood. So I'm really excited that Central Union Mission is moving in! They bring 140 years of experience, a listening posture, and a heart for people on the margins.

What does this mean for Incarnation?

We are still figuring that out. We will still have access to the sanctuary for non-Sunday services like Midweek Eucharist, Holy Week, Christmas Eve, Healing Eucharists, and more. We will still have access to the lawn for outreach events like Saint Francis Day, Halloween, and Saint Nicholas Day. We are excited to invite Central Union Mission's guests to join us for these events in the future.

We should be able to keep our basement office/storage space in the near-term. However, that may change if Central Union Mission expands onto the lower level in the coming months and years. Due to construction noise and limited storage this summer, Coracle is graciously allowing us to office with them temporarily on the 3rd floor of the building. We are grateful!

But this change also underscores some lingering questions about Incarnation's place at Greenbrier. How long can we count on the use of that building for the needs of our growing congregation? What is our role (if any) in the new ministry opportunities emerging there? And how do we think about the reality that our congregation's geographic spread has widened significantly (our fastest-growing small group is in Maryland!), making Greenbrier far less central than it once was?

These are questions for ongoing discernment. They'll become clear with time and prayer. In the meantime, I'm grateful for the opportunity to share space with Central Union Mission and to see the doors of Greenbrier wide open, everyday, to neighbors in need.

Want to help with this transition? Incarnation, Greenbrier, and Coracle are teaming up to move 70 years worth of stuff out of the main level at Greenbrier to make space for Central Union Mission. Do you love digging through thrift store racks and yard sales and Grandma's closets as much as I do? It's like that, but so much more. Saturday, June 15, 9am-12pm (come and go as you need). Sign up here.

Other changes . . .

  • There are so many changes happening in our world, many of them shocking, disorienting, and frightening. I really appreciated this pastoral letter and its suggestions from Bill Haley, who also happens to be my summer office mate!

  • We welcomed a new intern to our team this summer: Grace Brooks! Read her bio on our staff webpage and look for her involvement in all the things this summer. Her time with us is short, so please welcome her by inviting her to coffee or over for dinner!

Want to chat or pray or ask questions? Reach out! I love to hear from you.

With love,



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