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Letter from Liz: April 20

Good Afternoon all - and what a beautiful day it is!

So far our Sunday mornings under the canopy have also been so lovely - one of my favorite things about Canopy church has been watching the kids chalk on the floor during the sermon - I love that that will become one of their memories of church! Perhaps you might like to join them sometime, real-time sermon response in chalk-form? The current forecast for next Sunday is looking a little dodgy, praying that the front will pass quickly on Saturday and that we’ll be back to sunshine by Sunday morning!

Last Sunday, it was great fun to look back and forward at our Parish Meeting after the service. If you have any questions that have occurred to you since then, don’t hesitate to reach out for a chat.

One thing we’ve been thinking about as a staff is which version of the Bible we use for our private devotions, and for sermon preparation. The resounding winner is the NRSV and we’ve begun to use it for some of our readings on a Sunday morning. Had you noticed? It’s much closer to the original RSV than the ESV (which was also based on the RSV). The Bishop has approved it as a translation for congregations and we are wondering about transitioning more deliberately to it in the future. If you’re looking for a new translation to read, why not try it? There are some excellent resources available which lay out its reliability as a translation if you are curious, and it avoids a few of the pitfalls which the ESV stumbled into. Let me know if you want to hear more!

In other news:

  • Well, we’re still hunting for a music leader …. Are you sure you don’t know someone to recommend?

  • Our study on 1 Corinthians is closing out … and then there are a few ‘special’ Sundays: Ascension, Pentecost, Trinity Sunday…. And then we’ll be starting our “Imitate me” series - more on that nearer the time. Suffice to say - I’m excited for it!

Had any thoughts you’re ready to share? Why not write a ‘community reflection’ for our blog!

Always looking forward to walking and talking with each of you. Give me a call!

Your pastor,



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