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Letter from Liz: Aug 31, 2021

Hoorah - it's small group season again!

Have you signed up yet? If you attend Incarnation pretty regularly we would LOVE you to be a part of at least one of our small groups! You can sign up on the website - and you will be good to go! The groups will run from the week beginning Sept 12 through to before Thanksgiving.

This Fall we are offering four options:

Tuesday 7.30pm: We'll be working through The 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations Primer found here to listen, learn, practice, and pray for each other as we develop our skills in having conversations that go deeper than 'how are you?'! Led by Katie H and Kaitlin based at the Vicarage you can be sure of good conversation and nourishing snacks! (No need to buy the book - unless you would like to! - but you will need the primer.)

Wednesday 7.30pm: If you want to be online this is the best bet for you. And if you are new-ish to faith or curious about Anglicans, come and explore the basics - including what the creeds and sacraments are all about. David and Becky are our very fave Bible nerds - as well as being funny, thoughtful and excellent teachers. Quauhtli will be keeping them in line and bringing his thoughtful wisdom into the mix. This should be a stimulating and delightful group!

Thursday 10am: Amy will be leading a group at Juliet's home, focused on going deeper into the Scripture from the previous Sunday - picking up on the themes of the sermon, exploring questions and working out how to apply the message in practical ways to life. Coffee will provide the fuel for the chat - kids, babies, cousins, great-aunts are all welcome.

Thursday 7.30pm: Ginny and Megan will be leading an evening version of the 10am SG - bringing their own sparkle to the conversation. Each time will also include prayer and some time using a guided liturgy. It will be rich, and thought-provoking.

So which one will it be? Choose now and sign up to reserve your spot!

And in other news:

- We will be collecting $20 gift vouchers again this Sunday for Afghan refugee families: Visa, Giant, Safeway, Target, Walmart, Harris Teeter, Lotte, and Aldi cards are all appropriate. Please bring them to the table when you come for communion.

- Keep Sept 11 free... we still haven't heard about the fitting out an apartment - but we are hopeful! Watch out for our pastoral letter next Tuesday for more details...

- Confirmations on Oct 17 - are you interested? Please email me if you are!

And now I'm off for a week of vacation! See you all on Sept 12!

With love,

Your pastor

~ Liz


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