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Letter from Liz: June 2

The Shield of the Trinity

This picture 'the shield of the Trinity' is an ancient descriptor of the Trinity based on the Athanasian Creed. I wonder what you drew or imagined or heard as we talked about the Trinity and 'Vincent's' creed last week? Have a look at Brendan's diagram that he drew in church on Sunday.

Brendan's representation of the Trinity during the homily on Sunday

If you have drawings, poems or tunes on the Trinity to share - please send them in!

God is truly a mystery, so don't be surprised if you found it a little tricky to get your head around the concept of our three-in-one God.

"Imitate me"

Who are the people in real life or the Bible who have inspired you to look more like Christ? What did they teach you? How were they an inspiration? Bring those stories into our community - write a blog! Come to the Wednesday canopy chats @7.30pm. Tell a friend and then bring to church @9am.

Volunteer Training: message from Katie

As our study of 1 Corinthians reminded us, each of us has been placed in the body of Christ so that we might build up and encourage the church with our gifts. Each Sunday, we witness a vibrant expression of the diverse gifts of our community being used to worship God and build up the Incarnation community - whether through setting up the worship space, welcoming visitors, proclaiming God’s word, nurturing our children, leading us in singing and prayer, or coordinating snacklucks (donut hour?) which give us space to deepen our community. We want each person to find ways to serve the community with their gifts on Sunday morning and throughout the week.

On Sunday, June 13, we invite you to stay after the 9 am service and learn more about the many volunteer opportunities we have at Incarnation. And if you are already volunteering, this will be a great opportunity to learn how your role might have shifted for Canopy Church and to meet other volunteers and those who are new to Incarnation.

And finally:

  • Come and retreat to Pohick Bay on Saturday June 5 - we'll bring the sausages and brats, you bring the drinks and sides. Look for our pavilion! There will be dogs and kayaks and hikes and fire and laughter.... We'll be there by 11am (but probably people will start arriving any time after 10am).

  • Keep 5pm June 26 free - for a splendidly exciting event....

Much love to you all,

See you on Sunday - hopefully under the canopies!


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