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Letter from Liz: June 29, 2021

Troublemakers for the gospel

Three troublemakers?
The moment Ahab saw Elijah he said, “So it’s you, old troublemaker!1 Ki 18:17 (MSG)

I’ve been reading 1 Kings recently and whilst the stories of so many of the faithless Kings can be a little depressing, in contrast I love the accounts of Elijah’s life. Yesterday I read 1 Ki 18 whilst also reflecting on this past weekend and the LOVELY time on Saturday evening when Amy and Katie were ordained. It suddenly changed the way I was praying for them (and all of us) - wouldn’t it be wonderful to be recognised as a ‘troublemaker’ on behalf of God?

And so this is now my prayer for Amy and Katie: may they be ‘troublemakers’ for the gospel of peace. May they disrupt evil power structures as Elijah did, confronting false religion, tearing down anti-God constructs: and meanwhile bringing a message of truth, love and hope, seeing miracles happen as they extended their hands towards a hurting society.

Perhaps over the summer you can find some time to read 1 and 2 Kings. They are glorious books, full of hair-raising stories. And remember as you read that this is truth. And that God has been God from before time and will be eternally: this is non-fiction. Our stories can seem so small in comparison - and yet each one is so precious. How will you be a troublemaker for the Kingdom this week?

On Sunday, Quauhtli challenged us to foster a passion for the 'invisible' as he encouraged us to exercise spontaneous welcome with compassion.* Sunday’s sermon was such a timely reminder for us to be watchful for the unseen around us. I hope you take up Quauhtli’s exhortation to reach out to someone this week.

Next week, David Griffin will be preaching on Origen and why he wants to imitate him. So looking forward to hearing what he has to say! And then we will longer for brunch afterwards - do bring something to share for donut+ hour.

In other news:

  • Canopy chats continue on Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm - rich conversations following up on the previous Sunday’s sermon on how we imitate Christ by imitating those who follow Him closely. This week will be a little different as we talk about the role of deacons with Quauhtli - come along and learn and listen and, who knows, perhaps you will get an insight into your calling as well!

  • From time to time we feature a book for a book club type discussion - next Friday, July 9 we will be talking about the recent book “The making of Biblical Womanhood” by Beth Allison Barr. Read it and then come and join the conversation @7.30pm under the canopies!

Do you have a story about someone you have chosen to imitate in your Christian life? Why not write a blog about them?

As always, with love

Your pastor,


*This was also a feature of Elijah’s life as he too looked out for ‘invisible ‘ people (read the story of the widow of Zarephath (1 Ki 17:8-16).


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