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Letter from Liz: May 14, 2020

Kim continues to brighten my life with her art

Good afternoon dear friends,

Every week I sit with my list of names of our community and pray for each of you aware that the mental, physical and emotional toll of this way of life is draining us all … and the lack of clarity about what is next adds a layer of unpredictability that is also hard to bear. I’m so grateful for you all, and the ways you are living out your faith in your homes and workplaces as people of hope and courage!

As Simon is a bit of a history buff he’s been reading accounts of plagues over the centuries (yup - sure! those make everybody’s fav. book list, right?) and the perspective of history can be helpful; bringing a reminder that God is the one who knows and sees all things, and that this moment is not passing Him by - that He is loving us deeply and personally through every day, every crisis, every unknown.

As for Incarnation? Well, as a community of Christ followers we know our responsibility is to love and worship God and to love our neighbours… and that is pretty uncomplicated even while our context is new. But exactly how to do those things in this new world order takes some thought! So, please continue to pray for our staff and vestry as we pray and think and plan how to best facilitate Incarnation to do both those things well in the future. Will you especially pray for our vestry as they zoom-meet on Monday May 18, and our staff who zoom-meet every Tuesday morning? Pray for us as we read, listen and pray. These are really quite exciting times as we figure out how God wants his people to lead into the next chapter of world history!

On June 7, we will have a parish meeting after the service and would encourage you to plan to stay for that so that we can put some flesh on the bones of the ideas we are proposing for future worship. Come and ask questions and pray!

I always love hearing from you, so please feel free to drop me a text, WhatsApp or email anytime. I would love to know how I can pray for you, and would also happily set up a time to zoom-meet if that would be helpful.

Thank you for being you - so glad to be in this together,

~ Liz


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