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Letter from Liz, Nov 9, 2021

Detail of Shepherds © 2017 John August Swanson | Eyekons

Good day dear friends,

Amy preached such a wonderful sermon on Sunday as we remembered all the ‘souls’ who have gone before us. She reminded us that when we ourselves die and we then see the transformed bodies of those who have gone before us, how they will be revealed in the fullness of who they are - so glorious! She also invited us into a deeper understanding of how Jesus took all death into his body. Listen to it again if you have 15 minutes. It was deeply helpful. And so we remember .... and even though we know that there is a resurrection, that doesn’t stop us intensely missing those we love who have died. Hope does not eliminate grief, but it gives it meaning. These liturgical moments that encourage us to stop, and pay attention, are so helpful.

And we are now entering a season where every Sunday is going to be liturgically significant or different! This coming Sunday we will together witness the baptism of the newest Griffin baby ... and then on the 21st we will celebrate Christ the King Sunday - which amazingly is the last Sunday of the liturgical year, and when traditionally (at least for Incarnation) the kids lead our worship...And then it’s Advent!

Our theme for Advent this year is ‘.. in the waiting’ using the four advent themes of hope, peace, joy and love … so Nov 28 we will think about ‘Hope in the waiting’. I wonder what you are hoping for as you consider the habit of waiting? Perhaps you would like to journal, write a blog or poem or send us a picture... we LOVE hearing from you!


Nancy knows how to dress for church! Imitate her....

It is DEFINITELY getting cooler on Sunday mornings!

Do you remember way back - go all the way back to the parish meeting on Sept 26 and then the Q&A the following Sunday: remember when we all decided that staying outdoors until the end of the year was a good idea? Ah the naïveté of warm summer days!

But seriously - it is getting cooler and our intention is still to stay outdoors! BUT a few reminders - wear layers! Avail yourself of a warming beverage at the hot chocolate table! Bring a blanket! Wear a wooly hat and gloves! Dress like Nancy (see pic).

So grateful for each one of you. Let me know how I can walk with you in your journey - if a conversation or walk would be helpful, let me know!

Your pastor,



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