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Letter from Liz: Oct 20, 2020

Brendan took this pic on Sunday at Wild Wonder!

Fall is here! I love this picture Brendan took at Wild Wonder on Sunday. If you have kids or are a child at heart you should head over to Alcova Heights Park on a Sunday morning @9.30am and join the wild wonder fun!

Fall sometimes feels like a time for heading into hibernation - but it's also a time of waiting. My daughter-in-law is pregnant (YAHHHOO!) - expecting their second child on Christmas Eve(ish). There is a growing sense of excitement and expectation in our family as the birth comes closer. And as we all begin to look towards Advent, we all can feel that growing anticipation of a special birth. The reminder that Christ chose to be born. Honestly, I’ve been a Christian longer than I can remember and every, single, year I have to pause and recalibrate that concept.

God = baby

SO hard to grasp.

God = baby *( hostile country + occupied by foreign army + challenging geographical local + pre-modern medicine time)

is even harder to understand.

Immensity cloistered in thy dear womb,
Now leaves His well-belov’d imprisonment,
There He hath made Himself to His intent
Weak enough, now into the world to come;
But O, for thee, for Him, hath the inn no room?
—John Donne, Nativity from La Corona (1610)

Last Sunday, we talked and sang and remembered what it means to be vulnerable. And the challenge to all of us to live with vulnerability embracing the opportunity to ‘be exposed to meaningful risk’ for the sake of loving others. So grateful to Jesus for his vulnerability for our sake.

And in just a few weeks we will take time to retell the Advent stories, to sing the familiar songs, to explore with wonder this story of a birth which still changes all our lives. There is something so helpful about the rhythm of the liturgical calendar. Remembering helped by regular reinforcement. Retelling of the stories of God’s plans and providence. If you would like to help with Advent plans - reach out to Amy who would love your help!

But, before then, we commemorate All Saints Day. On Nov 1 we will take time in the service to remember those we love who have died. And if you have someone you were close to who has died this year, please send Amy their picture so we can mourn with you. There is a depth in grieving together - and taking time to be still and lament as a body is both helpful and critical for us all.

In other news:

  • NOTE THIS ********NEW SERVICE TIME: from Nov 8, 11am ********** in the Chapel, in garden churches, in parks and yards and front decks around South Arlington (and beyond!)... all together. Multiple venues, one service, one time ....

  • And in order to iron out any bumps along the way we are having a 'practice' on Sat, Oct 31 at 9am. Signup here or email Amy if you can help out!

  • Nov 3 is clearly a big day for the country ... and if you would like to do the hard work of looking for God's guidance, help and blessing come and join us 7-8pm for a zoom prayer time. Come and pray for the Holy Spirit to break into people's lives and for a sweeping clean of all our hearts.

SO grateful to you all for your commitment to our community and your delight in worship and friends and common tables and meeting and shielding and being a body together even as we are apart.

Got news? Want to touch base? Email me ... let's talk or maybe walk?

Your pastor


Book of the week: This week I’m reading: Powers, Richard. The Overstory. 2019


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