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Letter from Liz: Oct 26, 2021

Jan Sluijters (Dutch, 1881–1957), October Sun, Laren, 1910. Oil on canvas, 48.3 × 52.7 cm. Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem, Netherlands. Photo: Victoria Emily Jones.

Dear friends

I so enjoyed Rev. David’s first sermon as a deacon on Sunday. Did you hear it? If not, catch it here. Such a lovely invitation to use language creatively as we consider how the Bible uses metaphors to expand our understanding and deepen our engagement with God. Loved the reminder that metaphors make the abstract concrete… perhaps you’ll use a fresh metaphor or two this week? Personally I loved the point David made when he talked about sin being a burden - which means it can be lifted, or a stain - which means it can be washed or a debt - that means it can be forgiven or paid. A good sermon should always leave us loving God more - and the reminder of how God sees and then deals with our sin through Christ was both memorable and inspiring. Such a solid reminder that God enables us to change through Christ. Thank you, David.

And there is SO MUCH MORE to be thankful for - of COURSE, the huge and delightful news - extensively covered elsewhere - that Amy will be Incarnation’s next Rector when Simon and I retire next summer. What could be more exciting???? Pray for us all in these transitions!

Change is an integral sign of life and growth - so we can look at change as a little alarming but also so good and healthy. Where are you seeing changes in your life? Can we pray for you in them? Can we help you to process the things happening around and inside you? Drop Amy or me an email and let's talk.

We are grateful that once again it was dry last Sunday and the next few Sundays look like they should be too… but it IS chilly under the canopy. Wrap up warm when you come to church: I’m looking forward to taking a pic with everyone wearing a woolly hat and gloves …. Next week we hope to have hot drinks available to keep our bodies toasty! Changing the snacks is a delightful seasonal opportunity!

In other news:

  • Child safety training after the service on Nov 7 - sign up today if you want to come AND have us provide you with lunch :)

  • We still need to buy a van to hold and transport our goods from January - let us know if you have an idea, love van-buying or if you want to help!

  • ALSO there will be packing dates for when we start to leave AUMC - could you help? Let me know if you want more details.

  • Friendsgiving..... Nov 13: sign up here for more details!

  • Nov 7 - so much is happening AND the clocks go back. Pop a reminder on your phone now!

As always, thankful to be your pastor. Let me know if you want to drink a coffee, go for a walk or just chat about life,



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