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Letter from Liz: Oct 5, 2021

Lovely people - our new vestry!

Dear friends

Just look at those lovely faces - so grateful for the ways each person in our community serves - but this week we are saying HOORAH for our new vestry!

Last Sunday I asked if there are any bits of scripture you don’t like - I was so delighted when I got some feedback from one of our kids after the service (she didn't like the story of Cain and Abel - indeed. A tough one). She had drawn out a full picture and shared her thoughts - I hope some of you older people gave it some thought too!! The reminder that if we don’t understand something, that God loves us and He is good and that there is a long range perspective we can bring to our lives often helps as we negotiate things at our comprehension limits!

James has been such a practical book for us over these last few weeks; full of wise advice and a wonderful blend of community action and social awareness. This past week it was good to consider the need for patience in our lives. As we consider some of the enormous systemic problems in our world, problems of access and wealth, problems of integrity and justice, problems of right and wrong, we (like the farmers) know that we have to work hard, but also acknowledge that there are times when we have to wait with patience for God to judge. We have to resist the temptation to BE the judge ourselves. And so James encourages to remember our role as a member of a community. There will be one more week in James this Sunday when we finish out chapter 5 and consider what the place is for prayer. Why not read James 5 a few times this week to get ready for Sunday?


  • TIME CHANGE: On Oct 24 we will start meeting at 10am - YES you read that right TEN am. If you made it to the parish mtg you will have known that it was under discussion, and then we had a really helpful conversation in the Q&A this past Sunday after the service, where we got the thumbs up from those present! So as the mornings get chillier, you get to linger for a little longer under the covers on a Sunday morning! (And remember as well that Nov 7 is when the clocks go backwards).

  • MOVING: Keep praying about our Sunday service venue! We are moving forward slowly and gently with our primary option of Randolph Elementary and you can read all about it here. We will update that blog as we get more information.

  • AND if you know about trailers or vans or if your car has a tow hitch - or if you’ve been part of a church that has done setup from a van/trailer in the past, or your cousin is selling their reliable van/trailer then LET US KNOW!!!! Email me, Amy or Jenni please! Finally, if you want to contribute your wisdom and experience to our van/trailer pondering add your thoughts here!

  • CHILD SAFETY training: what with the pandemic and the strange way time has passed recently MANY people at Incarnation have had their child safety training lapse. We require this from all who work with our kids and for all vestry every two years. From the first days of Incarnation we have encouraged ALL adults at Incarnation to do the training - so will you consider joining our next training? Nov 7 after church, 11am - 2pm. It is SO worthwhile (and NOT suitable for you to bring your kids to...). Sign up now! Ginny will be leading the training and has more details.

Got thoughts? Exploring ideas or feelings or concerns? Let me know - perhaps we can walk and talk,

As always - so glad to be your pastor,



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