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Letter from Liz: Sept 21, 2021

St Francis holding a skull
This has nothing to do with my blog, but it's a figure I loved of St Francis we saw in Rancho de Taos in NM - I'm going to be boring you with vacation pics for months!

Dear friends

On Sunday I invited you to do a ‘word intake audit’ on your consumption of media: social, visual, written etc and then to consider the balance in all your inputs. Where and how are you being nourished in your inner being?

James 3 is pretty blunt about our needs to be ‘bridled’ (NOT silenced) and as we seek as a community to hold steady amongst the torrent of words around us, I urge you to be thoughtful and honest (and transparent?) about what you consume. Think of the audit as a food diary for the soul. Time to work out what you’re allergic too, or what’s making you ill. Then simply - cut it (whatever aspect of social media or word consumption is unhealthy) out. Perhaps after a while you may be able to reintroduce whatever it is to your diet - but maybe not.

What comes out of us reflects what goes in - so pay attention to your word diet. We are so much better able to be kind and gentle and peacemaking and constant (as James urges us to be) when we come from a stable internal world. Perhaps weaving in more silence to your day or week might also be a healthy discipline? I love the idea of a word 'diet' as well - reducing consumption and increasing exercise... making for a healthier internal world - leading to the possibilities of deeper connection with God as we make space for engaging with him in worship and wonder.

In other news:

  • Last Sunday we welcomed four new members - Gabi, Paul, JM and Chrissy - do pray for them and then invite them for lunch/tea/dinner and get to know them!

  • Members - have you VOTED FOR VESTRY? Lmk if you have questions….

  • Next Sunday: Sept 26 is our regular parish meeting. Make every effort to come to church on Sunday and stay for the meeting - we’d love to let you all weigh in on things that are happening. It’s a vital chance to hear our ‘family news’ and think and pray together about the Fall.

As always, a reminder that your pastors love to pray, chat, drink coffee, walk… why not reach out to one of us and set up a time to process life together,

With love,


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