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Letter from Liz, September 8 2020

Remember when..?

Snackluck and game night in the Atrium

Do you remember our last service before COVID? Or our first service in the Chapel? Do you remember painting and scrubbing and picking gum off the pews? Do you remember the Bishop coming and installing me as Rector and formally blessing Incarnation as a congregation? And confirming more than a dozen people?

Do you remember being at Greenbrier? And snacklucks? And game nights? Do you remember doing Alpha together at the Arts venue by the brewery? Do you remember our first day at Greenbrier? And our first membership Sunday and our first bells? Our first camping trip? Our first retreat?

Do you remember before that when we used to meet at the Vicarage for evening prayer? Crowding into the red and blue rooms…squishing up tight...50+ people shoulders touching shoulders and then feasting! Do you remember sitting around and painting little figures for the Atrium and making sheepfolds and lettering verses?

SO many happy memories always come crowding up when you approach a birthday! And this week Incarnation is turning TWO! It’s always so fun to tell stories - and if you are new around here can I encourage you to ask questions like “What happened? When? Why?” I love that the Bible is so full of stories, people deliberately remembering what happened and why. God loves us to tell stories - to remember….

This coming Sunday we will gather in Alcova Heights Park to give thanks, to worship together and to have a time of happy story-telling as well. Why not think of a favorite story to share!

And then, make sure you are part of the stories we will tell next year. Join a small group. Jump at chances to be together whether online or safely in person. Leap quickly at opportunities to serve. Sign up to volunteer… Reach out to Liz and tell her where you would love to serve…. and then join us on Sunday!

Park Worship - THIS Sunday, September 13 at 9.30am

And so it is time to celebrate - to give thanks to God whom we love! And to delight in being together….. And so this coming Sunday come and worship in Alcova Heights Park (the Northern section near the fire pit. Cross the small bridge through the trees to access our spot).

We will welcome new members and make a fresh commitment to each other as we all renew our membership promises, and as we together articulate our faith through words, song and prayer. We will take communion together and we will be thankful!

Come at 9am - we will start at 9.30am but we need to all be settled by then!

Bring a mask, your bell (if you are already a member), your BCP, a chair or rug, and your own water bottle.

If you can linger afterwards, stay to do some stream clean-up and bring a picnic. Stay as long as you can!

RAIN PLAN: we will do all those things (apart from the stream clean up!) on zoom at 5pm. Keep an eye on our website, Facebook, WhatsApp and email if you see a spot of rain!

And then there is more!

SMALL GROUPS: the week after Sept 13 - our small groups will launch. All on-line to begin with - which means you can join multiple groups easily! Sign up TODAY.

SERVICE: Look for opportunities to serve this fall! We'll be serving asylum seekers, donating blood, and more. Read more about our outreach and email Amy if you'd like to get involved.

So excited to see you on Sunday!



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