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Pentecost Prep

Dear friends,

This Sunday we'll celebrate Pentecost, the feast of the Holy Spirit!

We’ve come to the end of Easter season, remembering Christ’s death, and celebrating his resurrection. On Pentecost, we remember what happened 50 days after the resurrection, 10 days after Jesus ascended into heaven.

It's the Church’s birthday, when the Holy Spirit poured onto the disciples, just as Jesus had said.

We celebrate Pentecost by wearing red, singing and listening to God's word in various languages, eating good snacks (of course), and asking for the gifts of the Spirit.

Children play a major role in leading this Pentecost celebration:

  • Singing: All are invited to be part of a mini-children's choir. Come at 9:30 to rehearse two songs. (Lyrics and videos below to practice and get familiar; pre-readers are very very welcome!)

  • Leading: Children will lead various pieces of the liturgy. (Email Josie for specifics!)

  • Praying: We've begun compiling prayers in atrium, and welcome additions from the children—especially those who won't be in-person on Sunday—for a special Prayers of the People litany. Email Josie.

Jesus invites us, and the whole world, to share his risen life, through the gift of the Holy Spirit! On Pentecost, we accept his invitation us to ask for and receive the Holy Spirit’s many gifts. Come with expectation.

Espíritu Santo Bienvenido

Espíritu Santo bienvenido a este lugar Jesucristo bienvenido a este lugar Padre omnipotente de gracia y amor Bienvenido a este lugar. Bienvenido espíritu de Dios Damos Gloria solo a ti Señor Bienvenido espíritu de Dios Hoy rendimos coronas a tus pies

Translation from Spanish: Holy Spirit, you are welcome, welcome in this place Oh Jesus we welcome your presence with us Father you are the God of all power and grace And we welcome you Lord in this place Holy Spirit, you are welcome here All the glory is for you alone Holy Spirit, you are welcome here We surrender our hearts before you now

Yesu Ni Wangu

[We'll sing the first verse.]

Yesu ni wangu ni wa uzima wa milele Yesu ni wangu ni wa uzima wa milele Wa uzima (wa milele) Wa uzima (wa milele)

Translation from Swahili:

Jesus is mine, He is eternal life

Jesus is mine, He is eternal life

He is eternal life

He is eternal life


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