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Prayer at the Cross training

Have you noticed the prayer teams after communion? Every Sunday we offer prayer at the cross at the end of the service. This is a wonderful opportunity to either invite others into your story - perhaps to give thanks for the way God has been at work in your life, or to ask for healing, or to have witnesses to your response to the sermon. SO many reasons to get prayer... so many opportunities to be accountable, vulnerable or simply to delight with others in the goodness of God.

If you have never gone forward for prayer after communion, will you consider doing so in 2020? Perhaps making it a regular habit to ask for prayer?

And will you also consider being trained so that you can join the team? Our next training is coming up on Jan 12, 2020 and you can sign up for it here!

If you have questions please email or call me - I'd love to chat about prayer. One of my very favorite topics.

~ Liz

M 202-294.5131 /


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