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Rainy Sunday: May 30 2021

Our son David MANY years ago on a Scottish summer day :)

Good morning all!

Tomorrow's forecast is looking rather damp and so we are making the call to move indoors for worship @11am.

Could you please let us know what you are likely to do by quickly filling in this form?

Options for worship are:

- Come to the Chapel! We are limiting numbers to around 50 to allow some space for visitors, but we will use every pew and 'lightly' fill. We will run the air purifiers, use hand gel etc but we do not require masks for the fully vaccinated (two weeks post final dose). We encourage those who are not vaccinated, or who would prefer to do so, to continue to wear masks. We are aware that most of our children are too young for vaccinations at the moment, and there are other vulnerable people in our community whom we love!

- Join us on zoom! Perhaps you might like to invite some friends who you are happy to be indoors with to join you and make it a memorial weekend party! (Zoomies, can you please fill in this form as well so we can estimate how many people have heard the news?)

Thank you all for your flexibility.

Keep praying for sunny Sundays. Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow one way or another, and then in person on June 6 at 9am!

Liz and the team


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