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Setting the Table

A bright orange candle sits lit on our dining room table, filling the living room and my olfactory imagination with the scent of pumpkin pie and the anticipation of seasonal change. Incarnation Anglican has come to the conclusion of one life stage and is about to begin another! We have started worshiping together publicly on Sundays and God has richly blessed our community with the most warm, friendly, hard-working, and authentic followers of Jesus. It is an absolute privilege to be a part of this community.

As more people visit and get involved, and as we look outward towards our neighborhoods, one of the fun invitational opportunities we will have at Incarnation are our Common Table Groups. Dinner tables are often the best places for deep conversation, for being known, and for knowing others. As Incarnation steps into its next stage of life together (newborn to infant? toddler?), let's begin to pray for our neighbors (even by name!).

What is a Common Table Group?

Various hosts around South Arlington are opening up their dinner tables in order to have 6-12 neighbors over for a simple dinner and conversation during the fall. They happen over various days and times and might include games, desserts, etc. They are a great chance to get to know our neighbors and newcomers better!

In my own Common Table Group (Douglas Park), I look forward with anticipation to the ways that God will build new friendships among my neighbors, create a tighter community, and build trust among one another so that we have a relational foundation for deeper conversation. Common Table Groups will be an great way for our community to hear stories of life-changing conversation, of the beauty of relationship building, and of the rest and refreshment that happens when people eat together, play games together, and get excited about what God might do in the neighborhoods in which they live.


We would love for everyone at Incarnation Anglican to join a Common Table Group!

Have you signed up yet? Sign-ups are now open on our Small Groups page. You do not have to live in the particular neighborhood to be a part of that Common Table (maybe only certain days of the week work for you). Take a look at the list, sign up for a group, and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



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