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Took this on my dogwalk on the trail this week - so thankful!

As a South African Brit, celebrating thanksgiving is clearly not part of my heritage… but although I may have different reasons than my American friends I have come to love this day and the basic foundational truth that it is GOOD to stop and be thankful!

So, this Thanksgiving, Simon and I will roast a turkey and draw turkeys around our handprints. We will laugh and chat and probably eat a bit too much food. We will delight in the company of friends and neighbours. We will talk about some of the many things we are most thankful for…

If you are going to be in Arlington for Thanksgiving, do you have space at your table for someone new? Or would you like to join with someone else’s thanksgiving feast? Whether you have one space (or more) or need a space (or more) fill in this form - we’d love to connect you! Simon and I have a number of spaces... and we are hoping to be joined by some of you; and others have spaces too!

Also, would you like to join us for a hike on Friday to get some fresh air and stretch your legs? Again - fill in the form and we’ll enjoy a day in the countryside together (no doubt eating turkey sandwiches and slices of apple pie…)

So thankful for our Incarnation community!

~ Liz


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