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Travel to India and Nepal...virtually


I love the work of Indian artist Jyoti Sahi. This one is "Jesus the Good Shepherd," part of a triptych on display at the Lutheran Theological College in Ranchi, India (2014)

If you've hung around Incarnation for very long, then you've probably noticed that we care a lot about justice. It's right there in our outreach priorities: "We value works of justice and mercy . . . and many in our congregation are actively involved in works of justice, particularly in the fields of immigration, disability, and human trafficking."

One of the "many in our congregation" is our warden, Nancy, who serves on the board of the anti-trafficking organization Justice Ventures International (JVI). Early in the pandemic, Incarnation gave one of its weekly pandemic grants toward JVI's emergency food provision for trafficking survivors. Strict lockdowns in India and Nepal had precipitated a hunger crisis among the most vulnerable (e.g., trafficking survivors), and JVI stepped in to fill a dire need.

Did this COVID gift pique your interest? Are you curious to learn more about JVI's approach to human trafficking? Or are you simply in need of a perspective shift beyond your dining room table (or wherever you happen to work/homeschool/study/consume a steady diet of post-election news)? I know I am, desperately!

JVI is hosting a series of "Virtual Vision Trips" over the next few weeks which provide a valuable opportunity to widen your gaze to the work JVI is doing in India and Nepal. I'll be attending one, and I'd love for Incarnation people to join in (they're only 75 minutes long -- incredibly doable!). Learn more and register here.

And if you go, please let me know how it went! I'd love to hear your thoughts and questions:


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