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A rusty bike and a new blog

We love South Arlington, we're excited about planting Incarnation, and we use a lot of words. So we are rolling out a new blog to capture all the love and excitement and words! This will be a place to highlight thoughts and events and stories and questions that impact the life of our community. For example: this is a photo of a bike that I see chained up all over South Arlington--sometimes to streetlamps, sometimes behind the Goodwill, sometimes at Arlington Mill, sometimes resting beside the stream. What's your story, Rusty Green Bike? And where will you turn up next?

Okay, so perhaps the story of this wandering bike is not of urgent importance. But many issues in our community are, and this will be a great place to follow along. In the meantime, we invite you learn more about us through the blogs we've written and sermons we've preached over the past year at our sending church, Restoration Anglican. It's so good to be on this journey together, Incarnation!

- Liz+, Morgan+, and Amy


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