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Wild Wonder November 22: The Gifts

Incarnation families are gathering on Sunday mornings at 9:30am in Alcova Heights Park—or at home, or in another lovely natural spot—for a casual time of family prayer and nature exploration. This fall, we’re enjoying art, music, and nature together, and we’re pondering Jesus’ maxims or "great truths." Here's this week's verse:

do good to those who hate you Luke 6:27

Find all the maxims we've looked at here. We might notice that some seem to say the same thing in different ways. We'll all continue to think about how Jesus taught us to live, loving God and loving others. How is Jesus the ultimate example of this way of living? How is Jesus the ultimate gift?

History of the Kingdom of God: The Gifts

Sunday is Christ the King Sunday, the last Sunday of the Christian year (before a new liturgical year begins in Advent.) The calendar itself takes us through God's story, and Christ the King Sunday is a glorious celebration and anticipation of parousia. Sunday, we'll all walk through another way to think about God's kingdom: through all the gifts God gives us.

Kids (and parents) have contributed to leading Sunday's service—thank you!—and this might be a great opportunity to invite grandparents, friends, and loved ones to church, either on zoom at 11am, or on YouTube at 5pm. Details for both are here.

To supplement the service, you could check out Sunday's scripture readings ahead of time, or preview the songs we'll sing. Continue discussions about God's gifts after the service: How did God give himself? Why was there a blank page? What did you think of the image on the final page? Draw or write a story about your favorite gift!

Coming up: Advent Wonder

Our Sunday morning plans will alter for Advent, beginning November 29! Instead of meeting at Alcova Heights Park, those of us who are able to gather in person will meet right outside of the chapel for some Advent anticipation together, weather allowing.

  • On November 29, we'll light our first Advent candle, and some of our favorite outdoor guides will teach us how to build a fire!

  • On December 6, we'll have a special visit from Saint Nicholas/Bishop John.

  • More to come . . .

If you're able to attend in person (don't worry, we'll still send email prompts for at-home family worship!), go ahead and fill out the in-person worship sign up form each week.


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